Fotos de recién casados al exterior en Salinas, Puerto Rico por Camille Fontanez

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Home is Where the Heart (and the Dog) is

Dennise and I are friends since 2011 when she was still single, and I was still in college. We met during a trip to Europe, and I automatically was drawn to her beautiful heart. She talked a lot about Jonathan, her forever sweetheart, who was waiting for her at home. A while after we returned to ... View Post

Picture-Perfect Tropical Destination Wedding at Villa Montana

I think one of the most nerve-wracking experiences for a wedding photographer is to be hired by another photographer to capture their wedding. When Iliasis inquired about rates and availability for her wedding with Orlando, we had already been following each other for a while in social media. I had ... View Post

Wedding Wednesday: My Favorite Puerto Rico Wedding Venues!

So excited to share my favorite Puerto Rico wedding venues. If you’ve followed me in social media for long enough, you will have noticed I love weddings to be as perfect as possible for each couple I photograph, since it makes my job WAY easier (happy clients = great photos). The way to making ... View Post

Romantic Glam Destination Wedding at Hacienda Siesta Alegre

When Jess & David met, they weren't looking for love. However, their families believed they could be something, so they insisted until J&D started a friendship. They began dating, but it wasn't until they took a weekend trip to Puerto Rico that they realized they were meant to be. I ask all ... View Post