Beautiful Beach Photos of an Elopement in Luquillo, Puerto Rico

In Puerto Rico, we started the 2022 wedding season with a craze! But, of course, big, momentous events have been happening for a while now. Still, the year-end holiday season is well-known to be EXTRA in Puerto Rico, extending to the holiday season wedding events. So I thought this was the perfect moment to blog Damaris & Rich's elopement day, which is the opposite of extra and felt almost therapeutic to work at. Here's their story and their beautiful beach photos


Eloping on vacation in Puerto Rico during COVID

A few weeks before their trip to Puerto Rico, Rich made initial contact with plans to elope in Culebra or Vieques. They were looking for flowers, photography, an officiant, and a hair & makeup artist. 

It was harder to navigate the world back then; in the early days of COVID, mandates were constantly changing in Puerto Rico, especially for Vieques and Culebra, where residents have special needs and restrictions. So, back then, my best recommendation was to stay on the main Island of the Puerto Rican archipelago (Isla Grande) and avoid any changes of plans at the last minute.

Planning a trip to Puerto Rico during covid? Make sure to check out the most updated travel guidelines to Puerto Rico here.

Choosing a beach for the event

Travelers frequently request Vieques or Culebra as their ideal destinations for wedding photos, as these island municipalities are well-known for having some of the best beaches in Puerto Rico.

However, Vieques and Culebra are also more expensive, and their resources are scarce. Therefore, although I love traveling to Vieques and Culebra for work, most of the events and photoshoots are more convenient to happen on Isla Grande. Isla Grande has a neverending diversity of beautiful Caribbean beaches, and one of them is bound to work perfectly for you!

It is essential to mention that beaches in Puerto Rico are public, even if you own or are staying at private beachfront property. This means that setting up decor and furniture for events might require permits and licensing. My best recommendation is to reach out to event planners for assistance and ensure compliance.

After careful consideration of all the moving parts, logistical convenience, and budget, Rich and Damaris rented a beach apartment in Playa Azul, Luquillo, and married there. And it was so great to go down the elevator, walk a hundred yards, and get married! 

Beautiful beach photos of a sunset elopement in Luquillo, Puerto Rico

I drove to Luquillo on their wedding day and waited while Damaris got her hair and makeup finished. Then we helped her dress and went downstairs to meet Rich and the officiant Tim Blackford. We had the company of a guitarist playing local tunes, a surprise gift of Rich's. 

When we were all ready, Damaris walked down and met her beau. They shared vows to the sound of waves and music, and then we shot portraits along the coast until sunset. 

Simple, perfect, beautiful. I wish you both a married life just as perfect as your first day! 




For this elopement

Luquillo Wedding Vendors

Photography: Camille Fontz
Guitar Music for Ceremony: Hector Vazquez Gil
Minister: Tim Blackford from Peace Love Weddings
Hair and Makeup: Kandie Garcia