Courtney and Emilio’s Epic Wedding Day at Hyatt Regency Grand Reserve

As a Puerto Rico wedding photographer, I've seen it all. It's a little bit creepy to put into words, but the way I keep myself inspired and non-monotonous, is by placing myself in the shoes of each couple, finding what makes them love each other enough to plan a wedidng and, as a result, I kind of fall in love with each couple I work with.

I had the honor of immortalizing Courtney and Emilio's epic love story and wedding day at the Hyatt Regency Grand Reserve, in Rio Grande Puerto Rico. Their day was so beautiful, heartfelt and energizing. Let me take you on their journey!

Their love story

Courtney and Emilio's story began in New York City. Courtney grew up on Long Island, while Emilio spent most of his childhood in Puerto Rico. They met through a mutual friend at a pregame party hosted by Emilio. They hit it off so well that they did it all over again the following weekend, where Emilio finally asked Courtney on their first official date.

Over time, their relationship blossomed, but Emilio's plans to move back to his beloved island created a significant challenge. They were reluctanctly broken up for a short period, but discovered that life without each other wouldn't feel right. They knew their love was real when both were willing to forfeit future living situations for each other. 

Their bond grew stronger as they found a balance between their personalities. Emilio is silly, structured, and business-oriented, while Courtney is relaxed, carefree, and go-with-the-flow. They love to spend their free time enjoying music and dancing, being outdoors, and traveling.

Being a well-traveled couple meant that Emilio's proposal at Greece caught Courtney by surprise. He arranged for a giant proposal on a balcony overlooking the water at sunset in Santorini. Emilio had all her friends and family record a short video for her, and he played it during their private dinner, making her feel special and loved.


Wedding choices they were excited about

They were both excited about their wedding plans and had many favorites, including the location, which would bring all of their friends and family together in one place for an entire weekend.

They chose to get married in Puerto Rico, where Emilio grew up and where they both currently reside. They wanted to have their wedding on the beach at sunset, as it had become a significant part of their life and something they both found peace in sharing together. Courtney's family from New York had also embraced Puerto Rico and loved visiting the island, even talking about finding a place to spend time in the future.

Courtney's dress was also a highlight, as well as her bridesmaids and their dress color scheme, a mix-and-match of turquoise greens and aquatic blues. I personally loved the tropical, colorful decor, that and the perfect ambient lighting set the room up for success.

Their love for music was evident in their choice of the DJ, which wasn't your typical wedding DJ. They told me they looked forward to partying and dancing the night away. In retrospect, that was understatement, because the party turned into what felt like a full-on rave. The dancefloor was always full; there were characters, props, stage-diving, and even clothing items that didn't make it through the night. 

Their Epic Wedding day at Hyatt Regency Grand Reserve, Puerto Rico

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon in January, and the Hyatt Grand Regency in Puerto Rico was the perfect venue for their wedding. The day started a bit rainy, but we had a world-class wedding team that was up to the task of making a perfect wedding day for Courtney and Emilio, rain or shine!  

My shift started while they were getting ready in separate rooms, after which we would bring them together for a first look. The first look session took place at the gorgeous Cupula, and it was a magical moment. Emilio's face lit up with joy as he saw his bride-to-be in her stunning gown. We also did first looks with Emilio's mom and Courtney's dad. After taking some portraits with the couple, we were photobombed by the biggest groomsmen group ever on their way to the ceremony site!

After sneaking a few final shots of Courtney and her gorgeous pearly veil, I then headed to the ceremony site, where the beautiful couple exchanged vows in front of their family and friends. It had been raining, so we used the backup location, but it was still gorgeous. 

The ceremony was full of love and laughter, and it was clear that Courtney and Emilio were made for each other. Their gorgeous rescue dog made an appearance, and after beautiful words shared by them and their loved ones, they walked down the recessional under a cloud of bubbles.

By then, we had barely minutes before the night set in, but feeling lucky that the skies had cleared, we quickly headed to the beach for their newlywed photo session. We captured some stunning images with the beach venue's twinkling lights as the backdrop. 

After we finished their newlywed portraits, we moved to the reception ballroom for the group photos before the protocol started.

The Batucada performance during the reception was another highlight of the evening. The couple and their guests danced the night away, and it was clear that everyone was having the time of their lives, including the photographer.

As my shift ended, it was bittersweet to say goodbye to the couple and their amazing party. The day had been a beautiful celebration of love, and it was an honor to capture it all.

Congratulations, Courtney and Emilio!



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Hyatt Recency Puerto Rico Wedding Vendors

Venue Hyatt Grand Regency Reserve, Puerto Rico
Wedding Photographer Camille Fontz
Wedding Planner
 Krizia Diaz
Videographer The Film Writer
Florist Jat Lozano
Wedding Cake Christian Cadez Cakery
Music & DJ Carlos Pujals
Hair & Make-up Emanuel Agosto
Bridesmaids Birdy Grey
Batukada SAK Entertainment
Lighting & Sound Music Factory