Ways to Elope: Simple and Heartfelt Condado Beach Elopement Photos

Happy Christmas and holiday season! For me, the season is always about a million events and celebrations, and every year I have more reasons to celebrate and be thankful. For example, this 2021 Christmas day marks Allison and Daniel's beautiful Condado Beach elopement first anniversary.2021 has been so crazy: I can't even believe this was only one year ago, but I really wanted to take a moment to write and celebrate them.

A Simple Condado Beach Elopement while on Vacation

Three months before their Puerto Rico vacation, Danny reached out to inquire about my elopement photography rates and process. He and Allison didn't have an extensive list of requests; they were even flexible on the date. They just knew they wanted a beach wedding, an officiant, and a photographer. 

We picked a date (December 27th), and he booked me the next day. He booked my dear friend Pablo Aymat from Wedding Ministers Puerto Rico that same day. It was all set. Easy. 


COVID times, crazy times...

Writing about this in December 2021 as we face the new C-19 Omicron wave feels surreal to think that we were in such a tight spot a year ago. But then, just weeks before Allison and Danny jumped on that flight to Puerto Rico, a new executive order went in place, imposing a curfew on Sundays. 

I consider myself a practical realist; I don't mind giving honest feedback or becoming the bearer of"bad" news to my clients if it helps them adjust their expectations or come to better solutions. So I bit the bullet, wrote them an e-mail, and offered availability on Christmas day as an alternative. 

"We can do Christmas Day! That would give us a reason for the world to celebrate us every year!" - Danny said. I loved that line and their positive attitude to one of the biggest nuisances of traveling to Puerto Rico during the pandemic.

Elopement Day on Ocean Park Beach

They arrived that morning in Puerto Rico, took a nap, woke up, got ready, and walked to the beach to meet me and their officiant Pablo for their wedding. Vows, rings, waves, and sunset. Perfection.

Happy anniversary!



Danny's Review

Amazing photographer!

Cami was an amazing and integral part of my wife and my special day. She was early, extremely pleasant, had great ideas, and kept things moving at a leisurely yet efficient pace. It felt like we were just able to enjoy being newly weds naturally with Cami snapping some amazing pictures along the way. Our wedding date got changed last minute and she was extremely accommodating and was able to work with us on Christmas Day. I highly recommend her and her work speaks for itself and is beautiful.