Beachfront Destination Wedding at Condado Ocean Club

Hey there! Today I'm sharing Ashley and Dylan's beachfront destination wedding at Condado Ocean Club. It was my first all-day wedding at the venue; I had only been there before for rehearsal dinners and getting ready photos.

As with every time you do anything for the first time, the first time I'm at a venue, my mind's running at a thousand miles per hour, making a plan for when/where to take each photo based on the elements of the location: light, wind, intimacy, background, timing, etc.

However, from the minute I stepped into Ashley's getting-ready room, I was in absolute bliss!

Working with a Destination Wedding Photographer

I knocked on their hotel door and was greeted by the biggest smiles, and an incredible energy. Ashley was at the hair and makeup chair, so I said hello quickly and started mingling with her bridal party as we searched for her bridal accessories.

Most of my pre-planning communications had happened with Ashley's dad, Raul. He's a photographer, too, so he wanted to gift my services and help her daughter with the wedding planning.

The never-having-met-before situation could make many photographers uneasy, but I honestly embrace the awkward and bring my best self always.

The wedding-day energy, fast-paced conditions, and working with seasoned wedding professionals will break the ice quickly!

First Look and Couple Portraits at Condado Ocean Club

After Ashley was all glammed-up, we went straight into getting her dressed. The day was windy, so we did all the pre-ceremony photography indoors. Lucky for me, the Condado Ocean Club spaces have plenty of natural light.

I met Dylan at the lobby as we scouted for a nice spot to do a candid first look inside. Here he told me they would share their vows privately after the ceremony, as they're a bit shy and would like that part to be intimate, just for them.

After they had their first look, I took a few portraits and gave them a few minutes of privacy as I went out to the beachfront deck and readied myself for the ceremony.

Beachfront Destination Wedding Ceremony at Condado Ocean Club

I loved the ceremony space of the condado ocean club; it's on the beach, but not on the sand, it seamlessly connects to the reception ballroom, and it's in the shade during the afternoons.

They celebrated a beautiful ceremony, and at sunset, we went downstairs into the sandy beach for their newlywed portraits. I loved the rocky coast and the wild waves crashing at these boulders. Althought this kind of beach isn't safe for swimmers, they're delightful for photography.

After I finished their couple portraits, I took a few steps back so they could share their vows. They hugged and kissed as they finished, and all their guests behind me started cheering.

We went back up to a crowded ballroom; we started the protocol right away with toasts, dances. It was a great night of dancing, games, and good vibes.



This event's

Condado Ocean Club Wedding Vendors

Wedding Planner: Karen Martinez; Soiree by Karen
Photography: Camille Fontanez
Venue: Condado Ocean Club Hotel
Florist: Expresion Creativa Decor - Jose Luis
Wedding Cake: Vanessa Caro
Ceremony Violin: Jazael Falero
Reception: GF Sound - Giovanni Feliciano
Make-up & Style: Arquimides MUA
Officiant: Marilyn Gonzalez from Wedding Ministers PR
Grooms & Bridal: Andrea's Bridal
Seamstress: Hem & Veil
Groomsmen: Men's Warehouse
Bridesmaids: JJ's House
Wedding Invitations: Elegant Wedding Invites
Cartoonist: Leonardo Rivera Caricaturista