A Sunset to Remember: Morganne and Saúl’s Destination Elopement in Old San Juan

Picture this: Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, amid a scorching heatwave, with its ancient fortresses and vibrant-colored homes providing the perfect backdrop. But the real stars of the show were Morganne and Saúl, who embraced the soaring temperatures to celebrate their love. Having eloped earlier this year, they were eager to travel with their wedding outfits and capture their new commitment amidst the historic charm and coastal beauty of San Juan.


A Heatwave Love Story

When I first shared Morganne and Saúl's next-day previews, I was blown away by how gracefully they navigated the sweltering heat. We're no strangers to warm weather here in Puerto Rico, but even by our standards, this was extraordinary! Yet, the duo managed not just to look amazing but to radiate joy throughout their 2-hour sunset session.

The Journey Begins: A Note from Morganne

I first heard from Morganne in an inquiry email that was as sweet as it was concise. She wrote, "My husband Saul and I eloped in February and are traveling to San Juan in June to spend time with our families in celebration. We would like to get a couple's portrait session done since we had no real photos taken when we eloped." Her excitement was palpable, and I couldn't wait to help them create the post-elopement photoshoot of their dreams.


Their Newlywed Photo Session: A Mix of Romance and Family

Morganne and Saúl opted for a 2-hour sunset session that began in Old San Juan and transitioned to the beach. True to their initial email, they included their families at the beginning and end of the session for a couple of group shots. It's always heartwarming when couples want to have their loved ones in such a significant chapter of their lives.


Tips for Planning a Destination Elopement Photoshoot in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Before the shoot, I always like to share some tips to ensure everything runs smoothly:

  1. Meeting Point & Route: We began our adventure at the iconic San Cristobal Fortress, meandering through the enchanting streets of Old San Juan, before concluding our session on the picturesque Capitol Beach.
  2. Wardrobe & Comfort: Given the cobblestone streets and the island's natural elements, Morganne and Saúl wisely chose comfortable walking shoes and weather-appropriate outfits.
  3. Timing & Logistics: To navigate Old San Juan's notorious traffic and parking challenges, the couple factored in extra travel time, meeting me at our starting point near the convenient Doña Fela Parking Lot.

As a destination wedding and elopement photographer in Puerto Rico, I am constantly reminded of the transformative power of love by sessions like these.

Even the most ordinary circumstances can be transformed into something magical when surrounded by love.

I want to thank Morganne and Saúl for sharing their love story with us and for being kind and graceful despite the heat. Here's to many more beautiful sunsets together!



Morganne's Review

Camille was the best!

She was so easy to coordinate with. I was a bit wishy washy with what I wanted, and she was very patient and helpful with my questions and going back and forth!

The shoot itself was great. She helped us feel less awkward and very relaxed. We love how the photos came out.

And she worked very quickly! Within a day or two, we had a little something to post on Instagram lol, and then the full photos within four days.

Highly recommend!