El Yunque Rainforest: A Day Trip and an Engagement Session

Victoria and Tayron traveled to Puerto Rico precisely a year ago to iron out some details for their destination wedding in Puerto Rico. One of these details was to finally meet the photographer they'd been exchanging e-mails with for their engagement session at El Yunque National Rainforest. 

Early morning hike at El Yunque National Rainforest

They arrived early in the morning with their family and did a tour of all the open areas: Mount Britton, Baño Grande, Juan Diego Falls, and some other observation points on the way. Not only they had a lot of fun in nature during such a stressful time, but they also scouted their favorite spots for when I got there. 

Note: Many locations within El Yunque National Rainforest required (and still needs) reservation for entry. However, at this time, it's only necessary for Saturday and Sunday visits. Want to skip the reservation? Visit Monday through Friday.


An El Yunque Photosession... Waterfalls Galore! 

I arrived at around 3pm for their engagement session. I would never start that early for outdoor photoshoots elsewhere in Puerto Rico since sunlight and temperatures would be brutal, resulting in an underwhelming outcome. However, at El Yunque National Rainforest, sunlight is a luxury: the trails are dark because of the lush forest, and it is always cloudy, as it rains every day. 

When I arrived, Victoria and Tayron had already scouted their favorite spots (most of which coincide with mine), and we started with Baño Grande, which I've never photographed before. It was surprisingly sunny by this point, and we had fun, but it got a little too hot for us, so we moved over to the next waterfall.

By this point, I was in love with Victoria and Tayron's sense of humor, Victoria's commitment to her look and her high heels, and Tayron's macaw shirt—perfectly tropical and also a treat for my bird-lover heart. 

We eventually did a high-heeled hike to the Juan Diego falls (that's how easy this hike is) and ended our session in the refreshing water. It was the perfect cool-down and the ideal ending to a perfect day. 

As I publish this blog today, I'm getting ready to head out to their perfect wedding day, also close to the rainforest, and I can't wait to meet them again and have the time of our lives!