Jessica & Jake’s El Yunque Wedding Photos

El Yunque, Puerto Rico, is my most visited outdoor location of its kind for rainforest photography. Not only is it beautiful, but it is also sacred soil for many Puerto Ricans. So it is only natural that so many couples want to enjoy a special day in the beautiful trails and waterfalls of our Puerto Rican rainforest. 

This was the case with Jessica and Jake. They inquired about doing rainforest wedding photography at El Yunque, followed by an intimate beach wedding ceremony. So they booked me for a half-day with them, starting around 2 pm for their elopement portraits at El Yunque and then driving east to the coast for a sunset ceremony.

Planning for Rainforest Photography

Planning a photoshoot at El Yunque isn't the most straightforward process: the most famous waterfalls of El Yunque are within the national park. 

  • Entry for El Yunque National Rainforest is open from 9-3 pm. You have until 5 pm to exit.
  • El Yunque doesn't allow taxis or rideshare, only private cars, rentals, or certified tour companies. Tip: Make a rental car reservation before arriving in Puerto Rico, as availability could get limited.
  • Finally, you have to book your entry ticket a month in advance, which means that last-minute couples are better off finding other locations. 
  • Doing photos in the morning will have fewer crowds but more heat and harsher lighting. The afternoon can get a bit more crowded, but the light is dim and perfect for photography. However, the afternoon has a bigger chance of rain, especially during the summer.

El Yunque Rainforest Wedding Photography

We needed to be at the beach an hour before sunset (7 pm in July), so we started photos around 3 pm to have a few hours to explore the rainforest. I took them to Baño Grande, Juan Diego Falls, Yokahu Tower, and some other locations on the way. 

I loved Jessica's laced dress. It was sexy, light, and comfortable for hiking around. Jake made a great choice with a pink jacket, as anything darker would fade with the backdrop.

After we exhausted our time and backdrop, we jumped in the cars. We drove to Loiza, for the best beach elopement location in Puerto Rico.

Beach Elopement Photos

On Loíza Beach, a small group of their VIPs was waiting for us. We did a beautiful ceremony and celebrated their first kiss with biodegradable confetti.

Endangered sea turtle species use beaches in Puerto Rico to nest. So please be mindful of your impact on our natural resources, don't leave any trash, don't drive any cars or ATVs into the sandy areas, and don't trespass marked locations. Littering, touching, or destroying sea turtle nests is a crime with hefty fines.

After their ceremony, we took family and group pictures for a while. Then, I took the newlyweds away again for one of my recent favorite beach portrait sessions.

A long day full of portraits, but it was so worth it!


This event's

Puerto Rico Elopement Vendors

Photography: Camille Fontz
Bridal Dress: Lulu's Weddings
Groom's Attire: OMJ Clothing
Florals: La Floreta by Isa