Eloping in Puerto Rico: A Couple’s Intimate Wedding at El Morro Fort

Thirteen years in the making, Kayla & Joel finally said, "I do"! On her initial inquiry, Kayla spoke of herself and her fiancé, Joel, and their upcoming plans for an elopement at El Morro Fortress, Puerto Rico. A fellow boricua, Joel had been born and raised on the island until he moved to Vermont during his grade school years.

Kayla told me about this time in high school creative writing class when she wrote a story about Joel proposing to her at El Morro. She got things almost right, the location, her Joel, EXCEPT it was their elopement instead. Talk about manifesting!

An Elopement at El Morro Fortress, Old San Juan

The couple, who had cherished a decade-long journey as high school sweethearts, had finally decided to unite in marriage. Opting for a location that held a deep significance for Joel, they had chosen the fort as their venue, where he had always felt a strong sense of belonging. 

We were on a time crunch, as they were eager to plunge into marital bliss. I helped them with the contact info of the National Parks Service to secure their reservation within the fort. After that, we were all set!

A permit is required to plan any event or photo session within the forts of Castillo San Cristobal or Castillo San Felipe del Morro. You can find more info at the National Parks Service website or by emailing saju_permits@nps.gov.

On their wedding day, we showed up at a very hot and sunny fortress; the parks were closing, and the spaces started getting emptier for us. We didn't have a pre-set location for the ceremony: our assigned ranger was happy to walk with us in our search for THE perfect spot for Kayla and Joel. 

We finally found one, and I walked back to let them share and celebrate this intimate, emotional moment between them and their witnesses. 

Beach Newlywed Portraits during Honeymoon in Puerto Rico

Several weeks had passed since our last gathering, and it was time to meet again. We decided on a picturesque beach in Piñones, Loíza, as the perfect backdrop for a laid-back photo shoot to commemorate the newlywed's special moments. 

With the sun gently setting on the horizon, we captured the essence of their love in every frame, cherishing the memories that would stay with them for a lifetime. It was a bittersweet moment as they prepared to embark on their next adventure, but the memories we created that day will be treasured forever.

As a photographer, I cherish every one of my couples and the moments I capture for them. Kayla and Joel's love and tenderness were inspiring and will forever remain in my soul. Let us all strive to find such love and tenderness in our lives, and may we hold onto it with gratitude and appreciation. 🙏✨