Eloping During Quarantine: Lovely Old San Juan Elopement

Chris and Laura contacted me during the Puerto Rico quarantine, inquiring about a small, intimate beach wedding during their visit to Puerto Rico. Initially requesting about Puerto Rico elopement packages, they booked me quickly after their initial consultation. As with all 2020 weddings, we regularly talked as the travel advisory changed every few weeks during the period leading to their August wedding. Not only were they lovely to work with, but they were also very patient with this changing landscape.

Eloping During Quarantine: Just the Two of Them

COVID-19 postponed or changed many wedding plans. Laura and Chris weren't exempt from this while eloping during the quarantine. They didn't discard the idea of having a more significant event later. Still, they knew they didn't want to spend more time without being married.

Their quarantine elopement wishlist was simple: just the two of them, at a beautiful beach. I connected them with the officiant, the florist, and we picked Capitol City as our ceremony location.

Elopement Photos in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

My day with Laura and Chris started in the couple's hotel, Villa Herencia, where the video team had already arrived and had begun filming. After a round of photos at the hotel, we ventured out into the Old San Juan streets for their wedding portraits.

We finished off at the beach, with a beautiful sunset that was the perfect ending to a hot day. Laura and Chris had requested my help in streaming their ceremony to their loved ones. They created a private Facebook group, where they invited their nearest and dearest so they could virtually attend the lovely ceremony.


During these times, I've seen it all, and I wanted to share some practical tips for couples planning elopements during the pandemic:

  • Book every service ahead of time. During the pandemic, the availability of services is limited. Book early and avoid surprises.
  • Hire transportation service. Rent a bus or a limo to avoid unexpected traffic and parking drama.
  • Use a wedding planning or consultation service to help you find the vendors and set up a timeline that doesn't overlook anything. Having a local in your planning team will help you navigate through all the uncertainty.
  • Be Flexible. Things are constantly evolving, and that might mean plans might need to change with them.
  • You don't need to give up on your big wedding. You can have both things, but the smaller event can still be memorable even if the big wedding might need to wait.
  • Be self-aware. Don't commit to anything that isn't you. If you know planning a wedding during a pandemic feels too much stress for you, there's no need to go through it. Listen to your heart and be kind to yourself and your partner.
  • And finally, you're assuming a risk. When planning an event during a global emergency, all parties involved are taking the risk of contagion and unexpected changes. There is a risk of postponements, downsizings, or cancellations we need to be aware of. Please be mindful of that before booking, and ask about cancellation and refund policies before signing, so there are no surprises later.
  • Traveling during COVID-19? Updated travel guidelines can be found in the Discover Puerto Rico website, here.



Chris's Review

The Best Photographer in Puerto Rico!

Very professional courteous and is the best at what she does. She was very helpful to us especially in these COVID-19 times. We spoke or texted her regularly before our wedding. She made us feel very comfortable during our pics. She helped us set up the location and time of our elopement. It was a beautiful sunset wedding on Capital Beach. Hire her she’s the Best in Puerto Rico!

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Puerto Rico Wedding Vendors

Wedding Photography: Weddings by Camille Fontanez
Getting Ready Venue: Villa Herencia Hotel
Wedding Planner: Camille Fontánez
Wedding Cinema: Eli Flores, Artistic Compose
Florist: Nat Liriano