Something I Have to Get off my Chest

I was driving back home thinking about how each couple -big or small wedding- becomes a part of my life.

We spend months, sometimes even years in advance, planning and dreaming about how that big day will be. Sometimes, I meet them for their engagement session, and I spend a full afternoon getting to know them: their personalities, their pet-peeves, their love story.

Vintage Picnic Engagement Session in Dorado, Puerto Rico

Then I spend the whole wedding day with them. Once I arrive at the room, I share the nervousness with the bride. I try not to put her on edge, but most of the time I’m sick to my stomach too, just of thinking the responsibility I have, and the excitement of what is going to take place that day.

Fotografo de Bodas Rincon of the Seas Puerto Rico

Rincon of the Seas Wedding Photography

Many times, I’m not only the photographer: I’ve also done my time as an emergency florist, hair dresser (I always carry a million bobby pins, just in case!) Many times I have to help her get dressed, sewn dresses, put on boutonnieres and sometimes I’m even the psychologist and problem solver: not because I want to save the day, but because I wouldn’t want it ruined, if I can help it. Something I still haven’t been able to master is making a bow tie, though.

Puerto Rico Destination Wedding Photographer

Fotografia de Bodas en Ponce Hilton, Puerto Rico

I experience all the action from the front row. I hear the nervous and funny whispers no one in the audience can. I meet their family, the sweet grandmas and moms, the funny dads, the dancing grandads. Some clients do me the honor of even sitting me for dinner along their loved ones. I camera-dance along with their high school and college friends. I get to live -and capture- an infinitely important instant in their lives. After the dancing is done, I still spend a couple of weeks reliving and laughing at the memories these photos bring to my mind. Sometimes, I get even luckier, and get to watch them as their family grows into beautiful trios or quartets. Some clients write me after the wedding, and they identify themselves, as if I would have already forgotten about them. This is not possible, at least not for me.

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Puerto Rico Wedding and Lifestyle Photography

After all this meditation, I got home. And I found yet another love note from a recent destination wedding couple. And while my teary eyes read the letter this confirmed that each one of you becomes a part of my portfolio, but more importantly, you get embedded in my life and my heart. For each one of you, I’m eternally grateful. You let me peek through the most important day of your lives, while helping me live my own dream job. And I enjoy every minute of it (although I have to admit sometimes I dread charging batteries and doing a zillion backups).

Fotografo de Bodas Puerto Rico

Thank you for trusting me. You’re always in my prayers, and in my thanksgiving list.