Andrew & Dylan: Intimate Elopement in Old San Juan

For today's Pride blog series, I have Andrew and Dylan's intimate elopement story. I'm not sure if they were browsing or looking for vendors for a gay elopement in Old San Juan. Still, they were just at the beginning planning stages when they found me on Instagram. They just knew one thing: they wanted to elope in Puerto Rico!

I love inserting myself early in my couples' wedding planning process, especially when arranging an elopement, where there is so much room for flexibility and creativity. You might feel that elopements are all the same: vows, rings, married! But just as there are no two identical weddings, elopements are all unique, and I love building them to the personality of each couple.

Elopement Ceremony Locations in Old San Juan

After finding the perfect elopement officiant, we chose a date based on everyone's availability within their trip itinerary. Then we had the other task: selecting the ideal elopement ceremony location.

Elopement ceremonies can be performed almost anywhere, but there are some things I like to consider (traffic, tourists, views, intimacy, surveillance, etc.). With this in mind, I've found several locations across Old San Juan to be the best for an intimate ceremony.

After sharing sample galleries of my favorites, Andrew and Dylan picked Bastion de San Sebastian, which they loved in Tracy and Ravi's quarantine elopement.


Old San Juan LGBT Elopement Day

The afternoon was calm and breezy. Andrew and Dylan kept it so simple that they didn't bring witnesses for their ceremony. So my fiancé JC and I became their backup best man and maid of honor. JC had also been their doctor for the medical certificate for their marriage license. We were a small happy family working together for this special day for them. 

They shared rings, personalized vows, and finally were declared married. We were so happy for them! After the first kiss, we all signed on the dotted and color-coded lines. Then I sent JC and Ana María away so we could leave the lovebirds alone for a newlywed portrait session along with the Old Town. We started at the Bastión and then wandered inside the colorful, cobblestone-paved streets for more portraits. Finally, we ended a glorious, happy day up at El Morro Fortress as the sun set.

Thank you, Andrew and Dylan, for an effortless, happy elopement experience. I hope every day of your married life feels as wholesome as your first day. 




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Puerto Rico Elopement Vendors

Photography: Camille Fontz
Officiant: Wonderland PR