A Stunning Celebration of Love at the Hilton Ponce Golf and Resort

In the heart of Puerto Rico, love stories come to life against a backdrop of breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture. Steve and Eduardo's wedding at the Hilton Ponce Golf and Casino Resort is a testament to the power of love, family, and identity. 

As a Puerto Rico destination wedding photographer, I had the immense privilege of capturing their special day, filled with meaningful moments and unforgettable experiences.

New Traditions and Pre-Ceremony Photographic Coverage

My journey with Steve and Eduardo began three hours before their wedding ceremony. Instead of doing a first-look session, Steve and Eduardo helped each other get ready. The excitement was palpable as I documented their getting ready process, capturing the anticipation and nerves that come with a momentous occasion. I captured candid shots showcasing their personalities and shared bond as they dressed for the day.

After they finished getting ready, we explored areas of the Ponce Hilton Resort, taking couples portraits, after which we transitioned into capturing family and group formal portraits. These images are not just photographs; they're cherished memories that celebrate the joining of two families.


A Sunset Alfresco Ceremony

The Hilton Ponce's oceanfront lawn provided a stunning backdrop for Steve and Eduardo's alfresco ceremony. With the sun beginning its descent, the golden hour cast a warm glow over the proceedings. The couple meticulously tailored their ceremony to their love story, featuring readings, songs, and interventions by their loved ones. Every element reflected their journey and the bond they shared.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, I seized the opportunity to capture a final set of newlywed portraits by the ocean. The couple's joy and love radiated through the lens as they basked in the glow of their union. These images are a testament to their love story and the beauty of their chosen location.


A Tropical Luxury Reception at the Ponce Hilton

The celebration continued in the luxurious ballroom of the Hilton Ponce. Toasts, dances, and heartfelt speeches filled the air as family and friends gathered to honor Steve and Eduardo. The ballroom, adorned with elegant decor, provided a lavish setting for their reception. It was a night of laughter, tears, and genuine emotion, as their loved ones celebrated this remarkable journey.

Last on the agenda was the most epic party throughout the night. Laughter, dancing, and vibrant energy filled the air as everyone celebrated the union of Steve and Eduardo.

A Warm Puerto Rican Welcome to the Traveling Guests

Eduardo and Steven's wedding guestlist was divided equally between Puerto Ricans and travelers from the mainland United States. Eduardo's Puerto Rican family played the role of host and welcomed the visitors with various wedding weekend festivities, including salsa lessons and showcasing Boricua entertainment traditions. They entertained the foreigners with our vibrant Caribbean culture, and its consummation occurred on the wedding night dancefloor, where it felt like a big, multicultural family instead of separate groups.

Steve and Eduardo's Hilton Ponce Golf and Casino Resort wedding was a kaleidoscope of emotions, love, and celebration. As their Puerto Rico destination wedding photographer, I was honored to capture their day's beautiful moments. From the intimate first look to the grand reception, their wedding journey told a love story that transcends boundaries.



For this event

Ponce Wedding Vendors

Wedding Planner María Isabel Suárez
Venue Ponce Hilton Resort & Casino
Photographer Camille Fontz
Florist Azio Floral
Music & DJ Cuenta Regresiva
Hair & Make-up ZG Studio
Officiant LCDA Naomi Jusino
Pleneros SAK Entertainment