Intimate ways to propose in puerto rico: Sunset beach in aguadilla

Ethan flew into Puerto Rico with his girlfriend, Nicole, for a pandemic getaway. He knew this was the perfect opportunity for a proposal, bringing great news and something to look forward to during those difficult times. Upon his inquiry, I showed him the proposal story I did for Kiran and Jonathan. Surfer's beach in Aguadilla is one one of the best beaches in Puerto Rico for photos because of its intimacy and the "deserted beach look." Ethan loved the location, so we scheduled a their sunset beach proposal.

The proposal plan: A road trip to the west side of Puerto Rico

He wanted his sunset proposal to be part of a big day of road-tripping and coastal activities. So I shared with him some cool spots to hang out before the day, such as El Tunel de Guajataca and Playa Jobos. Then, two hours before sunset, they started driving to their final destination: Surfer's Beach, where a "girl with a yellow dress sitting on a blue towel would be waiting for them," pretending to be just another beachgoer.

Ethan texted me what they were wearing to identify them quickly and let me know when he was on the way. At this moment, my stomach always starts growling because of the anxiety.

Cell phone reception is spotty or non-existent in many secluded beach locations in Puerto Rico. Therefore, if you have to make transportation or meeting arrangements, coordinate them before your arrival to avoid getting stranded or missing an appointment.

A sunset beach proposal in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

They arrived, set up a towel, and relaxed in the sand for a little bit. I always advise my clients to take it as slow as their nerves allow them; in this case, he needed to go for a short walk before gathering up the words and the courage. He walked a long stretch, comically, I lost them from my view, so I had to make the run for it. They eventually circled back and dropped on one knee. 

Nicole was so surprised and grateful for the proposal. They hugged and celebrated for a few minutes until I was ready to introduce myself. Then I left them to enjoy the moment for a while, after which I started their beach engagement portraits. 

We hung out until sunset and created some perfectly effortless shots together. I left the location feeling like the luckiest photographer in the world. I'm sure I am. 



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