She said yes! Proposal Photography in Caribe Hilton Hotel in San Juan PR

For months before their trip to Puerto Rico, Tony contacted me to request information, pricing, and assistance on proposal photography at the Caribe Hilton.

Best location within the Caribe Hilton for proposal photography

I've shot weddings and family portrait sessions there but never a proposal, so I was very excited. The Caribe Hilton has excellent potential for photography: the coastline offers a variety of options, the one I like the most being the corner by the San Geronimo fort by the Condado Lagoon.

It is far from the beach, bar, and pool areas, making it an intimate atmosphere even on the busiest days. I sent him the info and my recommendation with a sample photo, and we quickly started planning. 

A Surprise Proposal for Leticia

Months passed, and our plan was coming together: he had reserved mariachis for his sunset proposal, had found a picnic company that would provide a setup for them, and we had scheduled a date.

October falls on our rainy season (May through November), so the only missing variable was for the weather to cooperate. It was a rainy day: luckily, we were surrounded by rain clouds around the resort, but none were on top of us. 

Tony came down early to greet the other vendors and me. He had left Leticia a map and instructed the hotel staff to guide her along the way so she could join us. Eventually, she walked to us and started tearing up as she saw Tony standing in front of the "Marry Me" signs. The mariachis began playing, and, well, the rest is history. 

She said yes, after which we all cheered, celebrated, and left them alone to enjoy the music.

Sunset Engagement Photos at the Caribe Hilton

After the mariachis were done, I took them around the hotel for beach engagement portraits as we talked about our proposal planning process and got to know each other. I feel so lucky to be a part of the happy days for so many beautiful couples. 



For this event

Caribe Hilton Proposal Vendors

Venue: Caribe Hilton, San Juan PR
Photography: Camille Fontz
Decor: The Picnic Fairy Puerto Rico
Mariachi: Guadalajara en Puerto Rico