Proposal at La Pocita de Piñones: Cotton Candy Sunset for Jose & Kirsten!

A year ago, tourism to Puerto Rico had just reopened after the first summer wave of COVID-19, and José and Kirsten were able to escape to paradise for just a few days. José also thought this was the perfect moment for a proposal! He inquired about my proposal photography services. After sending him some beach locations, we decided to have his engagement photos at La Pocita de Piñones in Loíza, Puerto Rico.


Proposal at La Pocita de Piñones, Loiza, Puerto Rico

I love this location for photoshoots! It's very convenient for uber drops or roadside parking; it is very shallow and has no waves: a barrier protects the coast from tides.

This makes it perfect for bringing children, and it's the main reason La Pocita isn't a good photoshoot location on weekends, as Puertorican families flock over for a beach day. Scheduled for a Thursday in 2020, we were more than comfortable with the site and ready for Jose's proposal!

Rainy Day Proposal Photos

Rain is one of the biggest clients' concerns when having a photoshoot outdoors. Tropical locations receive more significant and constant amounts of rain when compared to other climates further from the Equator. So it's very likely you will see some rain during your Puerto Rico visit.

However, it's unlikely downright stormy days happen outside of the August-September period (peak of the hurricane season). There are always a few hours of no rain we can use. But, on Jose & Kirsten's date, the day was one of those stormy days... I offered some extra dates in my availability for the following days, but their travel schedule made them incompatible. So, we kept on our sunset session plans for that day! 

The rain made the traffic bad that day, so Jose and Kirsten arrived at La Pocita 20 minutes before sunset. Finally, the rain clouds cleared, he dropped on the knee, she said yes, and we did the cutest, fastest engagement session ever. However, what started as a stressful afternoon, finished with the most glorious cotton candy sunset ever. Check out the sky transition from gray to gorgeous.

Tips for Proposal Photos in Puerto Rico

  • Plan for an early date during your trip. If anything happens, you'll still have some dates to have a do-over session.
  • Don't assume ride-share will be as speedy as in other touristic locations. Uber availability can be scarce or limited on your position. Most times, they take at least 20 minutes for pick-up.
  • Always check the ETAs: traffic can change suddenly; make sure you're giving yourself enough time to arrive at your location before the time goes out. 
  • Have open communication with your photographer. We can make last-minute plan changes if a situation arises.