Capturing Love and Adventure: Brittania and Jason’s Engagement at Puerto Hermina Beach

A hidden gem, Puerto Hermina Beach, is nestled along the picturesque northern coast of Puerto Rico. With its pristine beauty and secluded charm, this lesser-known beach is the perfect backdrop for unforgettable moments. And that's precisely what we experienced during Brittania and Jason's engagement session.


Scouting for a perfect photo session location in Puerto Rico

As a Puerto Rico photographer, I aim to match each couple to an ideal location that will be beautiful and include essential elements for them. I consider many details: logistics, safety, accessibility, transportation methods, travel times, solar angles, temperatures, rainfall possibilities, season, etc. 

Introducing a couple to a new location is always a thrilling experience. The potential for adventure seems limitless, and with Brittania and Jason, it was no exception. However, something incredible happened during our time at Puerto Hermina Beach - I was so captivated by their presence and the synchronicity of their love that I was oblivious to everything else.

Playa Puerto Hermina

Known as Puerto Hermina, Puerto Mina, or Fortín Area, this waterfront spot is nestled in the Bellaca ravine within the Quebradillas municipality. Despite popular belief that it was a military outpost, this structure, dating back to the 18th century, hints at a different purpose—likely storage, a breakwater, and perhaps even a customs point.

According to local legends, Puerto Hermina may have also served as a refuge and smuggling spot for pirates, notably the famed Puerto Rican pirate, Pirata Cofresí.

The ruins are stacked against an impressive range of cliffs and caverns, covered with lush coastal greenery, and opening into a beautiful sandy spot. The location is not appropriate for swimming due to the strong tides, making it ideal for photography.


Beach Engagement Session in Quebradillas, Puerto Rico

Brittania and Jason are an extraordinary couple: adventure lovers, hikers, and divers seeking the thrill of exploration and the beauty of the natural world.

For them, the ocean has always been a symbol of the new steps they take in their relationship, and it was only fitting that Puerto Hermina Beach became the canvas for their love story. 

That deep connection with nature also made us a great match from the beginning of our photographic adventure.

The day unfolded in the most magical way possible. We had to wait a while in our cars until a rain cloud moved away from the area. We were open to shooting under the rain, but waiting is always our first plan.

And then, as the day drew to a close, we were treated to a hazy sunset that painted the sky in shades of pink and orange. It was a breathtaking backdrop for a couple who had just taken a significant step in their journey together. The ocean, which had witnessed their love story unfold, seemed to embrace them in its tranquil beauty.

If you're considering an engagement session, elopement, or micro-wedding in Puerto Rico, consider the enchanting beauty of Puerto Hermina Beach. It's a place where love stories are written by the sea, and adventure awaits around every corner.