Capturing Love in Old San Juan: Newlywed Portraits of a Queer Couple’s Honeymoon

Hey there, fellow wanderers! Camille Fontz here, your go-to Puerto Rico destination wedding photographer.

Today, I want to kick off my Pride series sharing the story of a radiant same-sex couple who decided to elope in their hometown and embark on a breathtaking adventure to Puerto Rico for their honeymoon. Join me as I share a bit of their Puerto Rico honeymoon photos full of timeless moments captured against the backdrop of Old San Juan's enchanting streets.

Newlywed Portraits in Old San Juan: A Beautiful Queer Couple's Honeymoon

As a firm believer in love's eternal nature, I'm always thrilled when LGBTQ+ couples choose Puerto Rico as their romantic getaway. With its vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and warm-hearted locals, this Caribbean gem has emerged as a welcoming and inclusive destination for all love stories. Their decision to embark on their honeymoon in Puerto Rico reflects our spirit of celebrating love in all its forms.

Celebrating Love and Romance in Puerto Rico

Old San Juan's historic district, with its cobblestone streets, colorful facades, and colonial charm, was the perfect setting for their portrait session. Nestled on the island's north coast, this UNESCO World Heritage Site effortlessly transports you to a bygone era while offering breathtaking views of the sparkling ocean. For the couple, Old San Juan framed both a celebration of their love and a testament to our progress in creating LGBTQ+ inclusive spaces.

Exploring Old San Juan's Charming Streets

Our adventure began as we meandered through the narrow streets, hand in hand, capturing every stolen glance, every heartfelt embrace. The radiant smiles on their faces illuminated the vibrant surroundings, breathing life into the timeless landmarks Old San Juan is renowned for. I loved how they complemented each other so well, from their personalities to their wardrobe.

From the iconic Castillo San Cristobal, standing tall against the crashing waves, to the picturesque La Puerta de San Juan, every corner of this historic district served as a backdrop for their love story.

As the sun painted the sky with hues of gold and rose, we ventured further into the heart of Old San Juan, discovering hidden courtyards adorned with blooming bougainvillea, enchanting alleyways filled with every color imaginable, and charming plazas where locals and tourists alike gather to share memories and good times. Their love radiated with every step, and it was an honor to capture these intimate moments, freezing their honeymoon memories in time.

Capturing Magical Moments of a Queer Couple's Honeymoon

During our session, it became evident that Puerto Rico is a place but also a feeling. From the friendly locals who complimented them at every turn to the LGBTQ+-friendly establishments that welcomed them with open arms, I am filled with capital P Pride that Puerto Rico is so committed to embracing all forms of love and celebrating it in all its glory.

As a Puerto Rico destination wedding photographer, it fills my heart with joy to witness love stories like Breanna and Caroline's unfold against the backdrop of my beloved island. So whether you're planning your wedding, honeymoon, or simply seeking a romantic getaway, consider Puerto Rico—an island where love is celebrated, memories are made, and hearts are forever touched.

As a passionate LGBTQ+ ally, I'm here to help you create authentic portraits that will forever remind you of the love you share. So let's celebrate your unique journey and create timeless memories to cherish for many years.