Intimate Sunset Wedding at Maria’s Beach, Rincon

While sharing a much needed latte, we talked about L&V's sort-of-last-minute wedding plans. They told me about all their hopes and dreams for their wedding day, as well as their priorities.

They longed for something intimate, with their closest friends and relatives. Their different backgrounds, and their journey together would be bringing people over from many places: USA, Spain, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

Wedding Photography at Coconut Palm Inn, Maria's Beach

I arrived almost two hours before the wedding to Coconut Palm Inn, where the whole affair would be happening. It features a beautiful patio area complete with a pool, beautiful rooms, and, my favorite part: an exit towards Maria's Beach, where the Ceremony would be held later that day.

Usually, I start out capturing the groom's getting ready, but that day Victor was running errands around the house, so while he finished with that part, I went up to Liliana's room. Smiley and excited, she was accompanied by her mother, sister and baby niece. The intimacy in such a big room, gave space for laughter, and happy conversation. I quickly went through the details, after which Liliana got dressed, and we were all ready for the first look session.

Victor and Liliana saw each other for the first time that day before the ceremony. Guests were in a second-level balcony, so they also witnessed the moment, whilst giving enough privacy to the couple. They were excited and a bit nervous, so we walked around the venue for portraits to cool down the anxiety.

Sunset Beach Ceremony in Rincón, Puerto Rico

The ceremony was perfectly scheduled at sunset time, which in Rincón, means you're gonna have gorgeous views. Guests surrounded the alter area, waiting for the bride, which was escorted by her parents first, but then, her grandmother was the one to walk the last few steps and gave her away. It was a very emotive and beautiful moment. The ceremony was very intimate, at some point all guests held hands and did a prayer for the newlyweds, after which they had their first kiss and we went straight to group formals before the sun went down.

I got the chance to take the newlyweds for a short stroll along the beach, now that we were all sandy there was no problem with that!

Afterwards, we quickly went to indoor, where very emotive toasts were done right before a delicious dinner was put. I totally loved the laid-back, intimate feel this reception had. Since there was a small guestlist, it felt more like a family dinner, than a flashy event. I'm sure that's exactly what Liliana and Victor wanted, and their faces completely showed their happiness and satisfaction with how the day went on.

A couple of hours into the reception, guests started going out into the terrace area, where a DJ started putting everyone in the party mood. It was so fun to see people from so many backgrounds dancing the night away together! Right before we left, I walked up to the second level and did a full group shot, perfect ending for a perfect day.

Congrats Liliana & Victor, you were truly a bliss to capture, and I wish you have many more moments as special as your wedding day in your new life together. ¡Que vivan los novios!



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Puerto Rico Wedding Vendors

Wedding Photography: Weddings by Camille Fontanez
Destination Wedding Venue: Coconut Palm Inn at Maria’s Beach, Rincon
Planning & Decor: Pike’s the Flower Shop
Rentals: Party Rental Mayaguez
Hair and Make-up: Caridad Vidro
Bridal Gown: BHLDN
Catering: Kalamata Hosteleria
Music: Dúo Eleganza
DJ: DJ Juan de Varona