A Magical Rooftop Alfresco Wedding at La Concha Resort

As a Puerto Rico destination wedding photographer, I've had the privilege of capturing countless beautiful moments. Still, Krystin and Enrique's rooftop wedding at La Concha Resort was so memorable!

Planning A Dream Rooftop Wedding

Krystin and Enrique, parents of two adorable children, dreamt of an intimate wedding ceremony surrounded by their closest loved ones. La Concha Resort was the perfect backdrop for their special day, boasting the Mirador rooftop terrace and ballroom, both ideal for intimate gatherings.

A Lively and Tropical Affair

The couple embraced a light and casual dress code, setting the tone for a vibrant tropical-themed celebration. The vibrant tropical floral decor added a touch of paradise to the rooftop wedding ceremony and the reception dinner.

I will love you way past my last breath because I'm coming back to haunt you

- Krystin's vows to Enrique

After the heartfelt exchange of vows, we took a moment to sneak away for newlywed portraits. The stunning beach and hotel surroundings provided the perfect backdrop, allowing us to capture their love in its purest form.

Breathtaking Views for a Special Day

As the cocktail hour ended and the reception began, we were treated to a breathtaking sunset. The Mirador ballroom's glass walls allowed us to enjoy this natural spectacle from the comfort of the interior, creating a magical ambiance to begin the official festivities.


A Day of Core Memories

While there were many memorable moments throughout the day, some of the most heartwarming ones involved Krystin and Enrique's children. 

As Marilyn, the wedding officiant, declared them married during the ceremony, their little girl couldn't contain her excitement and asked them for a kiss. Later, during their first dance, a couple's moment became a family affair, as they invited their children to join them. 

Amidst the sparkling lights, it felt like their private celebration, a beautiful memory they'll cherish forever.

After their family dance and the toasts, dinner quickly turned into a full-blown party where grown-ups and kids danced the night away!

Krystin, Enrique, their lovely family, and I created core memories that day. It was a truly magical experience filled with adorable, funny, and joyous moments that will be treasured for generations.

In capturing Krystin and Enrique's rooftop wedding at La Concha Resort, I was reminded of the profound love that binds families together. It was an honor to be part of their special day, and I hope this blog post captures the essence of their enchanting love story.



This event's

Puerto Rico Wedding Vendors

Wedding Planning Merilyn Andino
Venue La Concha Resort
Photographer Camille Fontz
Florist Anabel Glow Events
Music & DJ DJ Ment
Hair & Make-up Bryan
Officiant Wedding Ministries PR