Celebrating Love with Same-Sex Engagement Photography in Old San Juan

A Journey of Love and Light in the Heart of Puerto Rico

As a destination wedding photographer based in Puerto Rico, my heart swells with joy when I get to document moments as beautiful and intimate as engagement and anniversary sessions.

This June, I had the excellent opportunity to work with Lauren and Courtney, a couple deeply in love who chose to mark seven years together with a portrait session in Old San Juan. These frequent visitors have a deep-rooted love for our islands, which have been a significant part of their relationship since it was their first travel destination as a couple five years ago.


Couple Portraits in Puerto Rico: Initial Conversations and Planning

When Lauren reached out, she had a clear vision for their anniversary photos: they wanted to capture the colorful streets and historic charm of Old San Juan. We communicated via email, where I helped them plan everything down to the last detail.

From choosing the best time for the photo shoot to advising on wardrobe and logistics, my experience allows me to provide more than just photography.

One of my essential services is scouting and location consultation. I plan the optimal photography timeline, especially crucial when shooting in the Caribbean during summer, to capture you in the most stunning natural light without melting in the process.

Scouting and Timeline Planning: Your Guide to Well-Prepared Portraits

I suggested a one-hour sunset session for Lauren and Courtney, starting at the San Cristobal Fortress, wandering through Old San Juan's cobbled streets, and ending by the San Juan Bay.

Sunset sessions are magical; you get the best light, and as the sun sets, the temperatures become much more manageable, particularly vital during Puerto Rico's hot, humid summers.


The Day-Of: Sunshine, Smiles, and Spontaneity

Fast forward to June 7th; we met on a beautiful, sunny day to bring their vision to life. Although the day was sweltering, both were champions, embracing the elements and, more importantly, each other.

I have a few pro tips for anyone planning a portrait session in Old San Juan:

  • Comfortable Footwear: Most areas of Old San Juan have uneven sidewalks, cobblestones, and slopes.
  • Dress Smart: Prepare for hot, humid, and windy conditions. Do a spot test on your clothes to see if they stain with sweat, and wear undershirts or cotton layers underneath if they do.
  • Storage: Travel light since there'll be a lot of walking during your Old San Juan session. I offer my backpack for storage to keep your hands free for those spontaneous and romantic moments.

Celebrating Love, Come Rain or Shine

Inclement weather is one common concern for photoshoots in the Caribbean, especially in the summer. To Lauren's credit, she addressed this, asking what would happen if it rained. The great thing about working with a seasoned photographer is that we can adapt.

My equipment and I can handle light rain, and for more torrential conditions, backup plans are always at the ready. The aim is to create memories you'll cherish regardless of the weather.

The Photos: A Testament to Their Love

The end result? A collection of same-sex engagement photography in Old San Juan that genuinely encapsulates their love, laughter, and the vibrant backdrop of this beautiful part of Puerto Rico.

To Lauren and Courtney, your photographs are not just images; they are forever bookmarks to a chapter in your love story that unfolded in a place close to your hearts.

Thank you for letting me join your journey. You are always welcome to return to our islands a million more times!