Luxurious Tropical Wedding Vibes at Amanda & John’s Day!

I loved every minute of Amanda and John's tropical wedding at Hotel el Convento because of its effortless, luxurious feeling I can't quite describe. Good thing that photos exist!

There is something I love about photographing weddings: on paper, some wedding days are identical. I've done the same timeline, vendor team, and locations dozens of times. However, the day looks diametrically different when you arrive at the event.

I had already met Amanda and John for their engagement session in Old San Juan during a wedding planning trip. I was very excited to see them again as I remembered how effortless it was to work with them before.


Getting Ready Portraits at Hotel El Convento

After a long wait, our wedding day started at Hotel El Convento, in John's getting ready room. So there he was, with his groomsmen and parents, helping each other out. 

Most of my weddings happen outdoors, so the dress code tends to be less formal, but nothing compares to a group of groomsmen in black tuxes! They all looked so handsome! 

The efficient group was quick to get dressed, so they were able to share toasts with Puerto Rican Barrilito rum before it was time for me to take John's solo portraits out in the balconies of Hotel El Convento.

Many couples want a "hangout experience" in the getting-ready suite. This cannot happen organically without planning, punctuality, and cooperation from the wedding party. Get dressed quickly, so we all have time to enjoy later.

Much to my surprise, when I got to Amanda's suite, she was already dressed, too! Her bridal gown was a romantic off-shoulder gown with a striking rose lace. She looked so comfortable and effortlessly glamorous!

Amanda's bridesmaids wore the bridesmaid trend of the season: satin column dresses! The twist: they were black! Bridesmaids wearing black dresses is rare at weddings, but it looks so classy and timeless, and the potential for wearing them again is much higher!

After making sure that John was hiding out of sight, we took Amanda and her bridesmaids to the balconies of Hotel el Convento for a short photo session, after which I moved to my next stop: Plaza de la Rogativa.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony at Plaza de la Rogativa, Old San Juan

Amanda and John's outdoor ceremony happened on a beautiful Caribbean afternoon in Plaza de la Rogativa, steps away from the hotel where they were getting ready.

Plaza de la Rogativa can be booked for wedding celebrations through the National Park Service, just as Castillo San Felipe del Morro and Castillo San Cristobal.

The ceremony was personalized, candid, and full of tender moments between the couple. Afterward, I took them around the block for newlywed portraits in what looked like a calm afternoon in the old town but was quite a busy day in Old San Juan.


Classic Tropical Wedding Reception at Campeche Ballroom, Hotel el Convento

Amanda and John's wedding decor was the traditional green & white wedding with a twist. Leafy monsteras contrasted with white florals, both fresh and preserved. Show-stopping king proteas were juxtaposed with more traditional wedding options such as orchids, garden roses, and anthurium.

A minimalistic, naked cake stood tall with an orchid accent for a pop of color. Finally, at the bar, signature drinks with the names of Amanda and John's four-legged babies: Santo and Tessa.

After I finished ballroom portraits and decor shots, guests came in, and the introductions, toasts, and dances started. A fantastic night full of dancing and celebration. One of those larger-than-life events. And, in the midst of it, a smiley wedding photographer, just feeling thankful that this is what she gets to do for a living.


This event's

Puerto Rico Wedding Vendors

Photography: Camille Fontánez 
Reception Venue: Hotel El Convento Hotel 
Florals & Decor: Natalia Liriano 
Wedding Cake: Vanessa Caro 
String band for ceremony & cocktail: Allied Music Solutions 
DJ: Music Factory
Make-up & Style: Adriel Ortiz 
Officiant: William Ogle 
Bridal dress: Grace Loves Lace 
Bridesmaids: Fame & Partners