Picture-Perfect, Rain or Shine! Destination Wedding at Villa De Zecheo

Sometimes, the best moments are the ones that catch us off guard. Marisa and Eric's wedding at Villa Dezecheo in Rincón, Puerto Rico, was a testament to the beauty of embracing the unexpected. As a Puerto Rico destination wedding photographer, I witnessed their journey as they navigated a rainy outdoor wedding day, turning challenges into cherished memories.

Rainy Wedding Day at Villa De Zecheo in Rincón, Puerto Rico

Villa Dezecheo provided a picturesque setting for Marisa and Eric's big day. However, the weather had its own plans. Afternoons on the west coast of Puerto Rico tend to receive a few hours of rain almost daily, and their wedding day was no exception. Rain clouds rolled in, threatening to alter their outdoor wedding dreams just as we started photographing their first look session.

Instead of panicking, Marisa and Eric chose to roll with the punches, showing that a bit of rain couldn't dampen their spirits. Initially, we pushed the ceremony back, and their guests waited on the bottom level of the Villa while the skies cleared.

After waiting at least an hour, we were getting too close to sunset. We worried that newlywed portraits and activities would be impacted if we waited too long for the rain to stop. With raindrops falling, Marisa and Eric made a bold decision – they wouldn't let the weather dictate their day. They exchanged their vows with the sound of rain as the backdrop, embracing the moment for what it was. The shower was refreshing; their guests also braved the weather with us. Their wedding party held umbrellas over the lovebirds, taking them away just for the first kiss as I signaled to them from a distance.

Their rainy ceremony added a touch of authenticity to their wedding, reminding everyone that imperfections can lead to some of the most genuine memories.

As the ceremony concluded, something incredible happened – the rain began to subside. We seized the opportunity, taking post-ceremony portraits under the softening sky. These unexpected moments of sunshine illuminated their joy, proving that even when things don't go as planned, there's often a silver lining waiting to be discovered.

Weather-Proof Tips for Outdoor Weddings in Puerto Rico:

If you're planning an outdoor wedding in Puerto Rico, you should know that no matter the season, it has unpredictable weather. Here are some practical tips to keep in mind:

  1. Have a Backup Plan: While outdoor ceremonies are beautiful, indoor or covered backup options can save the day if rain appears. I always recommend couples either have a backup plan they love or just feel okay with the decision to get wet. I wouldn't wish for a ceremony at a backup location where the couple feels unhappy about their choice.
  2. Notify Your Guests: Get informed on how's naturally the weather during the season you're visiting, and keep your guests in the loop about it. Inform your dress code with the weather and venue.
  3. Opt for Waterproof Makeup: Consider using waterproof makeup to ensure your look remains flawless regardless of the weather. Hair spray helps keep your style from unraveling with humidity: use it! 
  4. Embrace Rain Accessories: Incorporate umbrellas or rain boots into your wedding attire. These can add a fun and practical touch to your photos.
  5. Enjoy your day as it comes: Rain can create some of the most memorable and genuine moments when you have an open mind.

Marisa and Eric's wedding day at Villa Dezecheo showed us that the unexpected can often lead to the most cherished memories. Rain may have changed their plans, but it couldn't change their love and determination to make the most of every moment. Their story reminds us that true happiness isn't found in perfection but embracing what comes our way with an open heart.

Even when we met on the wedding day, I genuinely appreciate the trust and flexibility Marisa and Eric relied upon me to make decisions and call the shots on overwhelming moments.

The output of my photography and the overall experience wouldn't have been as good if you hadn't given me the space to make the best out of the day we were given. Thank you for that.



This event's

Rincon Wedding Vendors

Wedding Venue Villa De Zecheo
Wedding Photography Camille Fontanez
Wedding Planner All Events - Sarah Rosario
Florist SIOD by Gadiel
Wedding Cake Zucchero da Lyma - Lymary Santos
Music & DJ SPL Entertainment - Eric Perez
Hair & Make-up Danni Miami Power
Officiant Mark Stewart
Bridal dress Carolina Herrera at Marina Morrison SF
Grooms suit DG custom suits
Caterer Chef Oscar, Taste Gastrobar