Epic Wedding Week Photography Coverage in Puerto Rico

Having the pleasure of capturing Irene and Francisco's story during their wedding week in Puerto Rico was, as a photographer, an unforgettable experience. From their micro wedding at the scenic El Conquistador Resort to their adventure-filled honeymoon in Puerto Rico, every moment was a testament to their love and this archipelago's beauty.

Micro-Wedding at El Conquistador Resort

Initially planning to elope, Irene and Francisco chose to share their vows with their closest family and friends in a beautiful micro wedding at El Conquistador Resort.

It had been 15 years since I photographed a wedding event at El Conquistador. The resort's stunning views and renovated, elegant ambiance added a magical touch to their intimate ceremony, making it a memorable wedding moment they would cherish forever.

My day started at their getting ready on separate parts of the resort, after which I moved to Las Casitas Village for their first look session, and finally their ceremony and newlywed photos at the outdoor scenic areas of the resort.

Special Touches from Irene

Irene added incredibly heartfelt touches to her wedding day with Francisco at the enchanting El Conquistador Resort. She demonstrated her multifaceted talents by recording a special song just for Francisco. Irene's beautiful melody symbolized her love and dedication and was discreetly added to a Spotify playlist.

Francisco was surprised by the song when it played as he was getting ready, creating an incredibly emotional moment that captured the essence of their bond. Irene's intimate serenade to Francisco represents their deep connection and the start of their new journey together.

Additionally, Irene gifted Francisco custom cufflinks, which bore his mother's face. Although she wasn't present physically, she was certainly there in spirit and heart. This thoughtful gesture brought a sense of closeness and comfort, acknowledging the importance of family and loved ones on such a monumental day. It was a touching tribute that resonated with everyone, especially Francisco, reminding him that love transcends all boundaries.

These personal and heartfelt details added a unique and emotional depth to the couple's wedding at El Conquistador. They showcased the couple's thoughtful nature and deep love for each other. These moments, filled with love and personal significance, made their wedding not just a celebration but an accurate representation of their unique story.

Honeymoon Session at Flamenco Beach, Culebra

Next up, the serene and pristine Flamenco Beach awaited us as we ventured to Culebra for their honeymoon session.

Here, the couple's love shone brightly against crystal-clear waters and white, powder sands.

This beach honeymoon in Culebra was not just a session; it was an exploration of love and happiness. Their relaxed and joyous spirits were infectious, making every shot a beautiful capture of their honeymoon adventure.

flamenco beach culebra puerto rico honeymoon and wedding newlywed photography


Newlywed Photography in Old San Juan

A few days later, our journey together continued in the historic streets of Old San Juan, where the city's rich history and vibrant culture provided the perfect canvas for their newlywed session.

As we wandered through this old town, we captured the essence of their love against the colorful backdrops and picturesque cityscapes. Old San Juan's charm was the ideal end to their week-long wedding photography adventure, adding a touch of historical romance to their love story.

Throughout this week, I had the honor of capturing not just images but the essence of Irene and Francisco's love.

Their journey from a micro wedding at El Conquistador Resort to a romantic honeymoon in Flamenco Beach and an exploratory session in Old San Juan is a story of love, adventure, and the beauty of Puerto Rico.

Capturing Love and Adventure in Puerto Rico

Despite the unpredictable Caribbean weather, we were fortunate to witness and capture moments of sheer beauty and joy. As a parting gift, the skies blessed us with an epic sunset, a fitting end to a week filled with love and laughter.

Irene and Francisco are now more than clients; they are my lucky charms, reminding me of the magic that happens when love and the beauty of Puerto Rico come together.

old san juan newlywed portraits during honeymoon in puerto rico

Exploring Beautiful Destinations Through Photography

This journey with Irene and Francisco reaffirmed why I love being a destination wedding photographer. The opportunity to explore some of my favorite locations while capturing the unique stories of couples is a privilege.

From the iconic El Conquistador Resort to the tranquil Flamenco Beach and the historic Old San Juan, each location offered a unique backdrop to their love story, making this week-long wedding photography experience one for the books.

In sharing Irene and Francisco's epic love story, I invite all couples seeking a romantic and adventurous destination wedding or honeymoon in Puerto Rico. Let's capture your love story against the island's breathtaking landscapes and create memories that will last a lifetime.