Romantic and Tropical: Anniversary Portraits at Old San Juan

Taylor and Wesley booked a cruise ship tour along the Caribbean for their first anniversary. Early during their travel planning, they decided they wanted to have a couples photo session during their trip and stumbled upon my wedding and couples photography portfolio. They hired me as their photographer, and it was happily ever after.


Old San Juan Anniversary Photos

After a few days of sailing, they stopped at Old San Juan, where I met them, champagne bottle in hand, for their anniversary vacation photos. I showed them around town, taking scenic vacation portraits for them. It was quite a calm morning, but hot, so at one point, we stopped at a coffee shop for air conditioning and changing to lighter clothes.

You will see Puerto Rican locals wearing jeans and long-sleeves. Don't let that fool you: we've acclimated to the intense tropical heat so well, that we're able to wear warmer items of clothing on a daily basis. However, most non-Caribbean visitors will find Puerto Rico's weather very hot and humid. For your vacation photo session, I recommend lighter linens, clothing that won't stain if sweating, and keeping your hair up. Also continuous hydration and drinking less alcohol than you would in more temperate climates.

We finished the morning at the beach, with its soft lighting and beautiful weather, we ended up with very relaxed portraits. Day-drinking approved. Cheers to the happy couple!





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