Three Days of Engagement Photos in Birmingham, Alabama

It’s Thanksgiving day and it’s no coincidence I procrastinated until just now to sit down and blog Kaemi and Francisco’s engagement portraits.

As I'm writing this, there's just one more day left for their wedding, and theirs it’s not just another wedding for me. Francisco and Kaemi are two of my favorite people in the world. Kaemi is one of my oldest friends: we met in preschool, built a great friendship in middle school that has passed the test of time, distance, and a succession of bad hairstyles (mostly mine) and big life decisions.

One of the big decisions I feel most proud of her was the moment she found her true love. Francisco won our hearts immediately: his big smile, his profound kindness and his ability to befriend everyone in the room in just a few minutes made us all fall in love with him. Another big life decision was when Kaemi took a leap of faith and moved out of Puerto Rico to further her career in Birmingham, Alabama. Francisco held her by the hand and offered to dream together: their farewell party turned into an engagement party when he got down on one knee and proposed!

Planning their wedding in Puerto Rico, they still wanted engagement photos that captured their new stage in life as an engaged couple newly moved into Birmingham, so they flew me over for their portraits last October! We basically just hung around, visited museums, breweries, monuments, Octoberfest, and the Birmingham Botanic Gardens. I brought my camera everywhere to document our weekend together in Alabama's beautiful sights.

Today, on Thanksgiving day, I'm full of gratitude for friendship. I'm thankful for the important role Kaemi has in my life, thankful she found her penguin, and thankful Francisco came into all of our lives to enhance them. Thankful for love, friendship, and the beautiful relationships we build through the years.





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