Marie and Brian’s Heartfelt Day: A Castillo Serralles Wedding

About three years ago, I photographed Michelle & Ciaran's dreamy, swoon-worthy wedding day in the Southside of Puerto Rico.

Two key people I met that day were Michelle's twin Marie and their mom.  Little did I know that three years later, I'd be invited into their lovely family again, this time for Marie and Brian's Castillo Serrallés wedding.

Lucky to be Trusted as a Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photographer, I am lucky to be trusted with such a level of intimacy into people's lives and relationships, particularly with close family members. 

Bridal Prep at Coamo, Puerto Rico

My day started at Marie's parents' house in Coamo, the same one I started with her sister Michelle. I got there early, and Marie was almost finished in hair and makeup, so I spent those initial minutes working on details and accessories. Then my attention turned over to Marie and her bridesmaids, all dressed up on their cute robes and eventually changing to their pastel pink dresses.

Then Marie got dressed up with the help of her sister and her mom. She looked stunning, so much that her cat Berta wanted to be in the dress as well. Marie told me something I found funny but very intriguing into the life of a twin. She picked her dress to look very different from Michelle's a-line ball gown just so they wouldn't look the same on their wedding pictures. Mind-blown.

After the bridal prep portraits, I jumped on the car and drove to the lovely Coamo church for the ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony at Parroquia San Blas de Illescas, in Coamo

Only talking once via Facetime, I finally met Brian in person, and I took him around this picturesque church for some groom portraits. We got the tip Marie had arrived, so we went inside and got to our spots for the ceremony.

Ceremonies are always intimate, romantic, so personal and special. But something I particularly remember dearly about Marie & Brian's is the community feeling I got out of it. It didn't feel like a formal ritual where only the officiant and the couple are participants, it felt like we were all part of this moment, a big family. As a result, there was a lot of laughter and just general happiness.

They were married, we did family and wedding party portraits, and finally, we went outside for a happy potpourri exit.

Wedding Reception at Museo Castillo Serrallés in Ponce

We drove to the iconic Ponce wedding venue, Castillo Serrallés, for the wedding cocktail and reception afterward. While I waited for Marie and Brian to arrive, I went into the museum for the decor photos. This was my first time doing an indoor wedding at Castillo Serrallés because the rest of them would happen in terrace right by the building, or at the Japanese Gardens across the street.

Marie and Brian arrived, so we walked around the gardens and the property. We did a lovely, candid session before we moved back upstairs for the protocol, dinner, and lots of dancing. Successful night.

I hope you enjoy this set as much as I enjoyed capturing it for them!



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