Elopement Sunrise Photos at Condado, Puerto Rico

Recently engaged Amanda and James enlisted at the community church's relief mission trip to Puerto Rico. Whilst planning their trip, they quickly started pondering about the option of eloping in Puerto Rico. Considering themselves a non-traditional couple, the elopement alternative looked like a perfect idea.

A relief mission-turned-elopement trip to Puerto Rico

They quickly googled about getting married in Puerto Rico, and that's how they found me. We started talking and eventually came up with a plan: we would wake up early, meet at Calle Loíza, as the Amanda and Jim wanted some street art in their wedding photos, and continue walking the Condado area until we arrived at the beach.

In the beach, they exchanged rings, had fun in the water, and we came up with a beautiful, romantic, playful set of portraits I completely enjoyed capturing for them.

Congratulations to Amanda and Jim on their new stage on their lives, and thank you for your voluntary service in Puerto Rico. Doing such selfless work as your first act as a married couple is totally awesome good karma and I know the universe has many, many blessings for you in your new journey together.





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