Gabriella and Kandley: Fun & Fashionable Old San Juan Photos

A while before her trip to Puerto Rico with her fiancé Kandley, Gabriella inquired about having Old San Juan engagement photos by me. The communication was easy breezy. Her only request was to have her engagement portraits with an urban vibe inspired by Patricia and Edwin's Old San Juan photos, and its scenic backdrops full of cobblestone streets and colorful houses.

On our appointment afternoon, we met at the northern exit of Castillo San Cristobal, where I was stunned by how cool and well-dressed she and Kandley looked. Dark green is one of my favorite colors, so I immediately knew all the places where I would take them across Old San Juan so they would match perfectly. Because of our unforgivingly hot Caribbean weather, I'm quite used to having clients dress casually to my portrait sessions, also because we walk a lot. Lucky for us, that day was very windy, so we didn't feel as hot as we could've. But, this posed a concern for Gabriella about her hair acting wild, so she picked up her beautiful natural curls for some part of the session.

I loved Gabriella and Kandley's engagement photos. They're goofy, fierce and while they expressed they felt nervous at first, they did a great job at having fun and giving it all during their session with me. Congratulations on your engagement, and I hope you had fun in Puerto Rico!


Tips for Old San Juan Engagement Photos

It's been a while since I share tips for when you're planning your Old San Juan photo sessions, so I'll talk a bit about it below: 

  • There will be a lot of walking: Old San Juan is not a big city. But it isn't flat, and the sidewalks need some TLC. Bring comfortable shoes, or if you want gorgeous heels for your engagement photos, bring a set of flip-flops to change in between shots. Also, do not bring too much stuff to carry with you; it will slow us down.
  • There will be heat: if you're the sweaty kind, bring lighter clothes and avoid wearing too much undereye makeup and mascara (unless it's waterproof).
  • There will be wind: I love how the hair looks when flying in the wind. But not everyone likes it. As with all outdoor photo sessions, bringing bobby pins, hairspray, and hair ties will help if you're growing impatient with the wind.
  • There will be people: as with all public, touristic sites, Old San Juan photos will involve people walking by us, complimenting you and congratulating you. Don't let this get you nervous, it's pretty standard for locals, and we're just nosy and warm like that.

Okay, now on to the engagement photos. Enjoy!





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