Beautiful Photos of a Family Vacation in Puerto Rico

Taylor and Earl were recently engaged while they were planning a family vacation in Puerto Rico. To celebrate their engagement, life, and to keep beautiful memories of their travels, Earl hired me for a beach family photo session as a surprise for his family.

Initially, we had selected Old San Juan as our location for the photoshoot. Still, eventually, Earl changed his mind in terms of site and requested a beautiful beach where we could avoid crowds and have a laid-back experience. I recommended one of my favorite beaches in Puerto Rico: Vacia Talega in Loiza.


Beach Photos in Vacia Talega

Vacia Talega beach in Loiza is my favorite beach when I have a weekend day off. Not too far from San Juan, I find it to be the perfect balance of beauty and privacy. Also, to get there, you have to go through all the iconic Piñones Kiosks, which offer one of the best authentic Puertorican casual and street food dining experiences.

We met right in front of one of those kiosks, after which we crossed the street to find ourselves in paradise: an empty scenic beachscape. There we started with directed portraits but quickly changed into candids, quite common for photoshoots where there are kids present. We played in the sand, in the water. When the girl eventually got tired of portraits, we had a mini engagement session while she played in the sand. 

It was incredibly fun and such a beautiful day for me to look back to. As a wedding photographer, I find it very rewarding and therapeutic whenever I get the chance to capture these small photo sessions for families. They feel like a breath of fresh air compared to the highly structured and busy experience of photographing a wedding. 

I hope you enjoy this set as much as I enjoyed photographing it for this adorable family.





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