The Most Beautiful Newlywed Photo Session Ever!

I’ve always wanted to do an Outdoor Styled Shoot.

You’ve seen them. I’ve always dreamed of taking two gorgeous models in wedding attire to an exotic location, bringing floral arrangements, and shooting away! However, in my opinion, shooting models takes out of the equation an essential element, the one that makes a great wedding image: love.

So a while after Mónica and Andrés got married, and since both still had their wedding attire, I proposed a shoot! Luckily they said yes! They’re gorgeous honeymooners, lifelong friends, and they also happen to love photos. I’m blessed, I know! I was finally able to do my styled shoot with all the elements I’ve always wished for.

The planning began as an informal shoot, basically a photo roadtrip wearing their wedding attire. Weeks after, Mónica said she would be hiring again her wedding make-up and hair artist Raiza Montes. Later, she proposed wearing a flower crown, which she bought online. Then Angélica, my best friend and Mónica’s sister, also bought flower crown for herself. Then, we decided we wanted two locations: Bosque de Pinos en Cayey, and a stop in a desert in Salinas along the highway. Seven days before the session, I decided to go all in, and called my friend and excellent wedding planner Maribel Ramírez, and asked her for a bouquet. On such short notice, Maribel outdid herself and not only brought a bouquet, but also a boutonniere and a real, matching flower crown! By this point I couldn’t contain my excitement!

Wedding Photos in Bosque de Pinos, Cayey Puerto Rico

I had never been to the pine tree forest in Cayey. However, instagram addict me always wanted to do a portrait session there. Fortunately, it’s quite a short and easy hike. Although it’s known to be muddy, and during our drive to Cayey there was some rain, the terrain was completely dry. We shot away!

One of my favorite things about portrait sessions after the couple is married, is that everything’s way more relaxed. All the stressing wedding planning is over, and the only thing that remains is happiness about the new life they’ve started building together.

After taking many pictures and angles as possible, taking individual portraits of my friend Angélica, I handed the camera over to her so I could get my portraits done (yes, I did my hair and make-up for this one!) We got in the car, got some water, and drove south to Salinas.

Mónica wanted some boho-desert vibe in her portraits with Andrés, so we stopped along the highway when we found the perfect stop. My recommendation would be not to stop just anywhere, as it might cause an accident to curious passers-by if the whole production is not being concealed enough. We stood there the rest of golden hour until the sun went down. We wrapped up, and went celebrating in Tetas, a fantastic restaurant we found in Cayey!

I’m so happy I was able to have this experience with the best couple ever. It’s definitely not the same when you have a full afternoon for portraits, instead of just a 20-minute break between the wedding ceremony and reception. I’d love to see more couples do this kind of session and get inspired to shoot in different, unique locations!




Wedding Vendors in Puerto Rico for this Session:

Wedding Photographer: Weddings by Camille Fontanez
Bridal Dress: D’Royal Bride
Groom Suit: ZARA
H&M: Make U by Raiza Montes
Florals: Maribel Ramirez, Creating Weddings Group





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