Hacienda Azucena Outdoor Rainforest Wedding at Rio Grande

I knew Ana and Gus were going to be an easygoing and laid back couple on their wedding. They didn’t write much prior to the wedding and agreed on everything I requested of then during our wedding planning and consultation process.

I also knew their wedding would probably be very aesthetically pleasing, as they were getting married in the beautiful Hacienda Azucena, which doesn’t need much decorating anyway. What I didn’t know, though, was that in only a short, three-hour coverage, I’d be head over heels with them!!

Destination Wedding at Hacienda Azucena, Puerto Rico

My day started at Gus’s room. He was struggling with his tie, a skill I still haven’t mastered, so I told him I’d be back in a few minutes after I went upstairs to greet Ana. In Ana’s room, a different struggle was happening: the zipper on her dress was kinda stuck. Not to worry- I dropped my cameras and relieved her mom and sister, which were a bit overwhelmed at the moment, sometimes we just need to breathe and try again.

Leading up to the ceremony time stress starts to build up. It’s natural, but we can’t let it take over because that’s were mistakes start to happen. If something is not going well, just drop it or delegate it to someone who’s not emotionally invested at the moment. A pair of fresh eyes or a fresh brain will be able to solve small problems that could frustrate us instead.

After we got her on her beautiful, light dress, I did a few portraits before going back to Gus: we were going straight to the First Look session.

Candid Wedding Photography in Puerto Rico

Ana and Gus looked so happy and cute on their own, but the instant their eyes met, you could see the sparks, electricity, happiness, love... all of it. Needless to say, they were a couple very easy to capture, as my goal is not to get couples in a particular pose, but rather capture their relationship and personality, which they were great at expressing in front of the lens.

We did most of their wedding portraits prior to the ceremony, as their guest list was so small, we didn’t want them to feel abandoned after the ceremony. Their ceremony was very beautiful, personal, and there were many happy tears falling around.

After the ceremony we did all the family & friend group photos before we walked to the reception area, where the reception started informally with the performance of a mariachi band, honoring Ana’s Mexican roots. I left a few minutes after that, with the same sore cheeks from smiling that I have right now as I blog their super cute wedding day.

Ana & Gus: Hope you lead every day with the same tenderness and love you displayed on your wedding day. Everyone else: enjoy this set!



Puerto Rico Wedding Vendors for This Event

Wedding Photography: Camille Fontanez
Wedding Venue: Hacienda Azucena
Wedding Planning: Carmen Ortiz, Hacienda Azucena
Mariachi: Guadalajara de Puerto Rico
Dress: Lulu's
Suit: Indochino
Accessories: The Tie Bar
Bride's rings: Brilliant Earth
Groom's ring: Manly Bands



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