Beautiful Destination Wedding at the Puertorican Rainforest

At some point, I was working on Annike's dress bustle, and an aunt walked up to her and told her she was glad they didn't cancel or relocate the wedding scheduled precisely four months after the hurricane because the Hacienda Siesta Alegre was the most beautiful place she's ever seen. I agree!

My First Wedding at Hacienda Siesta Alegre after Hurricane Maria

Ever since I got cell phone signal back after Hurricane Maria, I've received at least one weekly message asking on the appearance of the grounds at Hacienda Siesta Alegre. It's no secret it is one of my favorite and most photographed venues, so clients and even strangers were writing to ask about its condition. So, in order to reassure everyone, I overloaded this post with pictures! My amazing website maintenance team is NOT going to be happy about it, but I hope they'll forgive me.


Arriving Early for Decor Photos and Getting Ready Portraits

On the wedding day, I arrived early to scout the venue, and capture some photos of the decor before guests arrived. I loved the simple, but colorful theme the couple had in their decor selection. Then I saw Elias, who was walking around the hacienda with his groomsmen, it was about time to start their getting ready photos, so they quickly moved to the room so they could get a head start.

A few minutes later, one of Annike's bridesmaids showed up with a gift for Elías: it was a great watch, "I've never had a fancy watch," he said. After the guys finished getting ready, we went outdoors for a few fun photos. They were more excited about portraits than most groomsmen, so we just kept on shooting!

It was almost time for Annike's photos, so we moved on to the bridal suite, where there was a party going on. Champagne was already open, and some upbeat tunes were playing. The room was packed, so I borrowed all the details (bridal dress, rings, florals, accessories) for photographing outside.

It looked like there would be rain, so we planned on starting the ceremony early, and we didn't get to capture that many portraits of Annike. Luckily, it didn't rain, and we got a little bit of extra time after the Ceremony for bridal & bridesmaid portraits. That's a plus of having all the event in just one place: there's much more flexibility.


Beautiful and Emotive Ceremony

As the processional music started playing, there were already teary-eyed people in the crowd, Elias included. When he turned around to see Annike, he looked so overwhelmingly happy; I lost it. I'm glad cameras can auto-focus because I was already struggling to hold back the tears. The couple had beautiful custom vows and a few emotional rituals. I just love the ceremonies Aida from Get Married Puerto Rico officiates. They're always very personal and emotional.

After the Ceremony, we walked around the Hacienda, and Annike and Elias spoiled us being super lovey-dovey and trusting. I loved how Annike was a little bit shy by herself, but when Elias held her close, she utterly glowed. I loved this set!

The sunset on us while the first dances of the reception happened, leaving us with a sparkling lights dancefloor that hosted such a fantastic party, that not even rain could stop the festivities. The crowd danced to any rhythm, including the traditional pleneros that surprised the guests at the end of the night.

It was a fantastic day, and I'm so glad I got to capture it and share it with you!

Hope you enjoy it!



Annike's Review

I just had my wedding last Friday and I have to say Camille was amazing! We are from
Miami and Camille was great with communicating with us through the whole process. She is very responsible and professional. She took amazing shots! She was very efficient in the one hour we had after the ceremony to get pictures with our imidiate family and through all the magical spots the hacienda siesta Alegre has. She was also great in the reception and got amazing shots of everyone partying and dancing! Camille is amazing and I recommend her to everyone! Thank you Camille!

Puerto Rico Wedding Vendors for This Event

Wedding Photography: Camille Fontánez, y su fotografía.
Wedding Venue: Hacienda Siesta Alegre
Wedding Planner: Jeanette Centeno, Weddings by Silversilke
Florist: Gadiel Valentin, SIOD
Officiant: Aida M. Mari-Roca, Get Married Puerto Rico
Wedding Cake: Sabe a Gloria
Music & DJ: Fabian Kroselj
Make-up & Style: Caridad Vidro
Dress of couple: Brides of Kendall
Catering: Chef Marisoll
Musical Entertainment: Pleneros del Más Allá



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