Proud Love: Kayla & Kayla, and their beach engagement photoshoot in Puerto Rico

Continuing my pride series, today I have Kayla & Kayla's beach engagement photos on the blog! 


LGBT & Lesbian Engagement Photos in Puerto Rico

Kayla, a hair and make-up artist from Virginia, contacted me a few months before their engagement trip to Puerto Rico, inquiring about an engagement photoshoot at a scenic beach in Puerto Rico.

Initially, we had selected Punta Tuna in Maunabo, but being a 1.5hr drive away from San Juan and the fact that it looked like it could rain, we changed locations last-minute to a beach in Loiza I love shooting at, too.

She and her fianceé Kayla blew my mind upon their arrival! They were wearing the dopest outfits ever for a beach session, much dressier than most of my clients regarding beach photos.


Beach Portraits on a Windy Day

It was a windy day, which became a bit of a challenge in terms of hair, eyelashes, and skirts, but I used that awkwardness to my advantage, getting many candid happy moments on camera.

I'm a photographer specialized in tropical outdoors, but most of my clients are not. When working outdoors in a Caribbean island, there are many factors to account and prepare for. Rain, humidity, heat, hard sunlight, Sahara Desert dust...

One of the easiest elements to work around is the wind. If you have long hair, always bring bobby pins. Also, bring hairspray with you, sometimes you may need a lot more of haispray than you think. I'm a fan of the hair in the wind, but if you're going for a sleek look, I recommend wearing your hair up.

After we got past that funny moment with the wind, we took romantic shots, scenic portraits and finished the set with a black smoke picture set. It was epic! 

Thank you for trusting me with your happy vacation memories, and I hope you have a fantastic time as an engaged couple.