Romantic Bliss: Intimate Beachfront Lesbian Marriage Proposal

Welcome to another exciting installment of my Pride Month series on my wedding photography blog! Today, we have the incredible story of Judith and Amanda's surprise marriage proposal at the picturesque Numero Uno Beachfront Restaurant in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico.

This heartfelt occasion took place against the backdrop of the beautiful ocean, a location of great significance for both Judith and Amanda. Join us as we delve into the details of this unforgettable lesbian marriage proposal, filled with love, joy, and a touch of romance.

Creating the Perfect Setting for a Lesbian Proposal

Being a native of Puerto Rico and visiting from Delaware, Judith wanted to propose to Amanda on her Island. Both lovers of the ocean, she knew a beachfront setting was ideal for this special milestone in her relationship. After weeks of researching proposal location ideas, she stumbled upon Numero Uno Beach Restaurant.

Determined to make this moment genuinely unforgettable, Judith enlisted the help of a talented photographer (that's me!) to capture the surprise proposal. I was tasked with the clever disguise of pretending to do ambient photos for the restaurant. Judith and Amanda would be my "talents" during the shoot.

The Surprise and Joyful Moment

At Numero Uno Beach Resort, as the sun went down and the beach was bathed in a warm, golden light, Judith and Amanda enjoyed a pair of refreshing mojitos. With hearts racing and a sense of anticipation in the air, Judith found the perfect moment to pop the question. As they sipped their cocktails, her love for Amanda shone through her eyes in her intimate proposal.

Overwhelmed with joy, Amanda responded with an emphatic "Yes!" Glistening eyes lit their faces as they embraced, their love radiating throughout the restaurant in their silent, private celebration. It was a breathtaking moment of pure bliss.

Celebrating Love and Commitment

Following the magical proposal, I approached the newly engaged couple. I suggested a short stroll towards the coast for a captivating sunset engagement photo session. With the gentle ocean breeze caressing their faces and the rhythmic sound of the waves crashing against the shore, Judith and Amanda embraced the enchanting surroundings. As they posed for photos, their smiles mirrored the hues of the setting sun.


Memorable Lesbian Beachfront Marriage Proposal at Numero Uno Beach Restaurant in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

Judith and Amanda's lesbian beachfront proposal at Numero Uno Beachfront Restaurant in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico, was an extraordinary testament to the power of love and commitment. The memories of their proposal will forever be etched in their hearts and mine. I celebrate your love every day and wish you a life full of love and joy, just like your engagement day.

Stay tuned for more compelling stories in my Pride Month series. It is an absolute privilege to share these accounts of love, solidarity, and the unwavering resilience of the LGBTQ+ community with you.



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