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You booked your trip to sunny and warm Puerto Rico. You've been probably obsessing over all the locations you want to visit thanks to Google and Instagram. You're booking tours and planning hangouts around the Island. You're also in the process of buying a particular jewelry item for your loved one because: you're planning about proposing during your vacations in Puerto Rico!!!!! The only question is: Where are the best places to propose in Puerto Rico?!


Where to Propose in Puerto Rico

The growing trend amongst couples is to get engaged while traveling.

Puerto Rico, being a popular touristic destination due to its pristine beaches, lush rainforest, historic towns, and overall awesome people, is an ideal destination and in my opinion of best places to propose. And I'm smack in the middle of it, being a wedding photographer and all. So here's a guide to finding and selecting the perfect location for your marriage proposal during your trip to Puerto Rico!

engagement portrait session at Royal Isabela by Puerto Rico wedding photographer Camille Fontz
Engagement at Royal Isabela Resort

Best Places to Propose in Puerto Rico

As I'm a photographer, I'm usually hired to help find and recommend something scenic for amazing proposal photos. So, please bear with me, since I'll give my input from a photographer's perspective and experience.

Best Historic Places to Propose in Old San Juan

Puerto Rico has beautiful, scenic, and colonial historic locations everywhere, but during your trip, you'll probably pay a visit to the Spanish town of Old San Juan. Old San Juan, a 16-century UNESCO world heritage site, is surrounded by walls and protected by fortresses. The two main attraction sites are El Morro and San Cristobal.

engagement session at Old San Juan Puerto Rico
Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Proposal at Castillo San Felipe Del Morro

El Morro is a Spanish citadel located in Old San Juan. Surrounded by a fortress, it was designed to guard the entrance of San Juan from seaborne enemies. It is now part of the US National Parks Service and the seventh-oldest building in the United States of America. Its beautiful 16th-century architecture overlooking the Atlantic Ocean makes it one of the best places to propose in a dreamy location.

Proposals in Puerto Rico: Castillo San Cristobal

Same as El Morro, Castillo San Cristobal was built over 150 years by the Spanish to protect the city from rival seaborne attacks. It is the biggest European fort in the Americas, and now a UNESCO World Heritage site protected, and also a popular tourist destination.

Things to consider: touristic sites are high on, you guessed it, tourists, so there will be people around. They will not necessarily ruin the view, but they would probably cheer for you and take snaps of your happy moment. It'll get better if you plan on a weekday.

Best Beaches To Propose in Puerto Rico

In Puerto Rico, you could walk in any direction, and you'll end up on a nice beach. But some beaches are more accessible, or beautiful than the rest. Here are some ideas, depending on how much of a day trip you want or how conveniently you want it.


Beach Proposal at Aguadilla

Located in the northwest of Puerto Rico, Aguadilla has some of the best beaches and views in Puerto Rico, loved by locals and tourists alike. Having its own international airport, and lots of international industry, Aguadilla has also become a tourist-friendly destination in the past decade. Make it a day trip and treat your soon-to-be-fiance to a beautiful beach day.

Puerto Rico Proposal: Oceanview Proposal at Cabo Rojo

Cabo Rojo has always been on the list when it comes to beautiful beaches, road trips, and spring break destinations by Puerto Ricans. You will have a beautiful day exploring Cabo Rojo, its beaches, and its cliff views (if you ask me, they're a great destination to pop the question!)

Intimate Beach Proposal at Culebra Island

Puerto Rico is not just one island, it's actually an archipelago. One of everyone's favorite (everyone, because it's been awarded international recognition) beach destinations is our beloved Culebra Island. It's a very romantic destination that feels exotic even for locals, and you'll find it's an amazing getaway experience. Watch the sunrise at Zoni beach, spend the day at the beautiful Flamenco beach, or take a snorkeling/diving tour to Culebrita or Cayo Luis Peña. You're guaranteed to have a great time, and it will set up the perfect mood for a proposal.

Looking for Something Closer to your Hotel?

Maybe you're just on a weekend trip, and driving or taking a ferry to another island just doesn't fit into your travel itinerary. Most hotels in the Condado/Isla Verde are conveniently located next to the beach, and all beaches in Puerto Rico are beautiful enough to make a dreamy backdrop for your marriage proposal. An additional perk is, you might be able to talk with the concierge/front desk about your proposal plans, and they might offer complimentary stuff, or help you make it extra special. If you're not staying at a beach resort, here are the best options closest to San Juan.


Condado and Isla Verde Beach Proposals

Many hotels and restaurants are located in Condado Beach. If you're looking for a dinner and proposal kind of thing, this is the perfect location. If you're getting a surprise portrait session after your proposal, you might want to consider leaving the dinner for after you finish (so no make-up is gone and there are no feelings of bloatedness).

Intimate Proposal at Capitol Beach

Unknown to many locals, the Capitol Beach is my favorite beach for proposals in Old San Juan, since it's walking distance from the Colonial district, and we could easily walk around Old San Juan later for photos in the colorful, cobblestone streets.

Proposal at The Rainforest

El Yunque Rainforest is one of the top travel destinations in Puerto Rico. It's our national pride and most cherished natural resource. Full of endemic fauna, flora, and dreamy waterfalls, it's a must-do activity when visiting Puerto Rico.

Throughout history, El Yunque has always had a mystical significance, our original Taino natives believed the gods of the forest were in charge of protecting them and our island from malicious entities. After the strike of Hurricane Maria, El Yunque Rainforest is bouncing back. A place with such good vibes it's definitely an amazing location for portraits, and also for a proposal.

Sailboat Proposal in Puerto Rico: Embark on a Beautiful Journey Together

A sunset sailboat proposal is a romantic and unforgettable way to pop the question in Puerto Rico. With stunning scenery, a gentle breeze, and the sun setting over the ocean, it's the perfect backdrop to start the next chapter of your life together.

To plan a sunset sailboat proposal, you'll first need to choose a reputable charter company. Many companies offer sunset sails in Fajardo and San Juan, so you can choose one that's convenient for your location and travel plans.

You must book your sail in advance once you've chosen a charter company. Be sure to let the company know that you're planning a proposal so they can help you make it unique.


Restaurants for a proposal

If you or your significant other are not much of outdoorsy person, or you're thinking about your proposal as a dinner-and-question sort of thing, you can still do it in style, with great food, and a great view. Here are some of my favorites for your research:

Éter Rooftop Restaurant, Miramar
La Terraza de San Juan, Old San Juan
El Mezzanine, Old San Juan
Marmalade, Old San Juan
Restaurante Ariel

Hope this helps narrow down on your marriage proposal plans! Did you propose? Where and how did you do it? Help a brother or a sister out: comment below!