Sharing a Sunrise with Maria and Kenny in Mar Chiquita Beach

Last December, Maria and Kenneth traveled to Puerto Rico to visit family, do some wedding planning tasks, and for their engagement portrait session. Although we are not particularly morning people, we made a big effort to wake up early, because our goal that day was to share a sunrise together.


Love Story at Mar Chiquita

I got to Maria's family beach property where I met and had some nice chit-chat with her mom while they finished getting ready, after which we hopped in the car and drove down to the beach. Now, one of my favorite beaches in the North, I had never been to Mar Chiquita before. It is a beautiful, small cove, hence the name chiquita (Spanish for very small).

We were there early, and in the "cold" season, so we had the beach to ourselves. With the exception of a stray dog, who quickly approached us and photobombed us for most of the session. This is a truly Puertorican experience because apparently dogs love the beach and you'll find local satos on almost every coastal beach you visit in the Island.

Near the end of the session, when the sun was already getting a bit harsh, we were surprised by rain. But Maria and Kenny didn't mind it one bit, and it turned out to be an amazing view to shoot. All the raindrops glistening in the air, and we even got a double rainbow in the end. Epic, right?

We shook the sand of our wet feet and drove home with a smile on our faces. Totally worth waking up early.





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