A Surprise Proposal-Turned-Engagement Session at Old San Juan

Planning a marriage proposal can be quite a stressful event. The planning of Anthony's engagement to Alexis during their vacation in Puerto Rico started as many others do: lots of phone calls, e-mails, brainstorming, suggestions, etcetera.

After lots of back and forth conversations, we had finally narrowed down the date, time and location to a sunset proposal in Castillo San Cristobal (see cover photo for reference).

She Said Yes to his spontaneous proposal!

The morning of our proposal portrait session I received the news that not being able to hold the question a minute longer, Anthony had spontaneously proposed the night before, right after arriving at their hotel at Puerto Rico. Oh, man!

After a few seconds of feeling regret for missing out on such a special moment, I got excited about their big proposal news and changed gears: we would not be having an engagement session!

Their morning started a bit rushed, and also, a bit stressful because of some travel arrangements they'd need to figure out. So instead of starting our proposal portrait session right away, I met them at a Barrachina Restaurant while they had lunch, and we got to know each other better, shared stories, and talked about their engagement.

Vacation Couple Engagement Photos Session in Old San Juan

A while later, we settled the bill and made our way through Old San Juan colorful and lively streets. It was a perfect engagement photos session: same as newlywed sessions, newly-engaged couples have a particular spark and excitement in their demeanor, so it's always a blast to capture them. We finished the engagement photos session at their would-been engagement location: Castillo San Cristobal.

Photosession after the engagement

After a successful session, and since we were actually enjoying each other's company, we spent a little more time together over parcha (passion fruit) mojitos, which you all need to try if you're ever in Puerto Rico.

Thank you for a delightful afternoon together, and happy wedding planning!