Romantic and Effortless Beachfront Wedding at Condado Beach, Puerto Rico

Today I have such a sweet love story for you to read! Although we met for a short time, our digital conversations and interactions, were very special for me and made them find a special place in my heart.

When Did You Know it Was Meant to Be?

Sean replied, right away when she picked up the phone for the first time, ten years ago. Rosemary said she knew it back then but didn’t know how to handle it. Rosemary and Sean met through family, and as many love stories, Sean liked her a lot, but she was not quite sure yet, so they remained friends.

About five years later, they reconnected. As you may expect, this time, it was for good. Romance is so much stronger when there’s a good friendship foundation.

The Proposal at Condado Beach

Puerto Rico became the canvas to many good memories, hence becoming one of their happy places. During a family vacation, they had a couple’s dinner at a condado restaurant. Sean proposed they walked on the beach while they waited for the reservation to be ready –classic proposal move–.

While they walked, Rosemary noticed there was a pretty set up with flowers and pillows on the beach, so she confirmed her suspicions. Funny thing is, they walked past it, and her hopes were crushed, for a few minutes, because he did end up proposing, with all her family present as a surprise for her. Soooo romantic!

Wedding Planning –and some hiccups!

Rosemary found me through Instagram and we started the conversation. However, a few months after reaching out to learn about my services, we had an unwelcome visit in Puerto Rico: the hurricane María.

Some of my weddings that would happen shortly after the hurricane were moved back into the mainland, one of them being Starr & Calvin’s dreamy backyard wedding in Texas.

My goal during those trips out of Puerto Rico shortly after María, was to bring my luggage as full as possible with relief items to bring back to Puerto Rico.

I don’t remember how this all happened (those days were craaaazy), but by mere serendipity Rosemary and I connected while I was in Texas and she brought me bags full of water-purifying items, which I was very grateful about, and were later on distributed in the countryside, where people were resorting to drinking rain and spring water.

The Wedding Day: Getting Ready at Olive Boutique Hotel

So, after two years of planning and talking, the day was here! Our time together started at Rosemary’s getting ready at the Olive Boutique Hotel. The vibe was so great, everyone helping each other, making jokes, there was a lot of love in that room between the bride, bridesmaids, and family. After some detail shot and candids, we did a small bridal photoset before moving out to the Restaurant.

Rooftop Wedding Ceremony and Reception at Condado Beach

We went full circle: they got married exactly at the place that they first got engaged, with their family and friends. Rooftop restaurant weddings always feel very effortless and laid-back, no matter if it's a very luxurious event, or just a cute wedding ceremony and a dinner afterward.

There was an additional hiccup: Sean had gotten food poisoning the night before. The staff was very worried that we would need to stop the wedding because of his situation, so there was no groom getting ready photos that day; he was getting some rest before the rush. Instead, I did a lot of decor images and got acquainted with the guests until it was time for the ceremony.

All the tension dissipated when Rosemary walked the aisle and Sean’s face lit up with a smile that never left their faces that day. The love he felt for her and the happiness he had about getting married was the perfect cure.

After a very romantic, emotional, and sincere wedding ceremony at a restaurant rooftop in Condado, we went downstairs for a photoshoot on the beach; first with the wedding party, and then just the two of them. Their newlywed photo session felt effortless, it felt like we were all floating in happiness.

Then we went back upstairs for the reception protocol and yummy dinner, after which there was a great party back in the rooftop. We had so much fun and went home with a happy heart.



Update: Oceano Restaurant closed its doors permanently on April 2020. You can find a similar vibe at La Concha Resort or The Wicked Lily.

Rosemary's Review

Simply the best!

I shamelessly insta-stalked Camille as soon as we were engaged and she was the FIRST person we booked! I knew from seeing her work that the moments we were going to cherish for a lifetime would be beautifully captured by Camille. You can see it in every photo, it is carefully and lovingly taken.

She’s professional, responsive, flexible, kind - all things you look for in a photographer, but most of all, we loved her company at the wedding and knowing our treasured day would be in good hands! Thank you Camille!

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Puerto Rico Wedding Vendors

Wedding Photography Camille Fontz
Planning Momentus Special Events & More
Bridal Getting Ready Venue Olive Boutique Hotel
Ceremony and Reception Venue: Oceano (Permanently closed)
Ceremony Music Cuerdas N
Reception and Party DJ Jose Concepcion
Wedding Officiant Scott Barnes