Emotional Elopement at Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Hello there! I'm so happy to share with you Haylee & Scott's elopement today. This happy couple from Kentucky legally wed in their hometown before their honeymoon vacation in Puerto Rico. They wanted to exchange vows in a special setting and captured by a photographer. Although it sounds like a short wedding wishlist, I find these elopements to be all the more special.

Sunset Elopement at El Morro

That day, I met with them in front of El Morro Fortress, and we walked around the outdoor areas to find the perfect spot for their ceremony. Haylee had a gorgeous blush gown, with a very appropriate half-do, as it gets very windy at El Morro. Scott looked quite handsome in his gray vest and pant outfit. I loved that they were all by themselves, not even an officiant this time. They exchanged vows, rings, and had their first official kiss as newlyweds, in the intimacy of a secluded, oceanfront area at El Morro. I go to this kind of assignment on my own, but I had a little bit of help from tourists passing by in doing some proper cheering for this part!

More and more couples are opting to do an elopement as opposed to a traditional wedding. Although some of them do have at least the most important members of family and friendship, most of them get married by themselves, as a symbol of the new step their taking together.

After the bliss of the first kiss had settled in a bit, I got closer, and we started a cute and fun walk around the Old City. We shared a beautiful sunset together, and it was so good we even pushed the camera a bit into low-light by doing some shots after the sun set.

It was a delightful experience, and I sincerely wish to capture more of these, as they take me out of my comfort zone, plus they're super fun to shoot!

Hope you enjoy this blog post as much as I did capture it!






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