Cute and Emotional: Caitlin & Sean’s Puerto Rico Elopement

I loved working with Caitlin and Sean ever since the first time we exchanged e-mails for Puerto Rico elopement packages for photography. She was always so considerate of my work, excited about working together and trusting me with all her bridal concerns and requests. Our professional relationship was solid before I met them in person.

Their Love Story

Sean and Caitlin met at work. Both being new to town, although they instantly felt attracted, they started as friends. Fast-forward a few months, their love started flourishing, and eventually, after going camping -and Caitlin intentionally pretending to like camping to have this experience together-, they both knew it was meant to be. Sean keeps Caitlin grounded and eases her anxieties, and Sean loves about Caitlin that she always surprises him with new experiences and adventures. 

After happy years of relationship, Caitlin was about to have her law bar exam (which she passed, you go girl!), and they scheduled a trip to Puerto Rico right after in celebration and also to decompress from months of non-stop studying. 

To Elope, or not Elope? That is the Question

Somewhere along the way, they knew traveling to Puerto Rico had the perfect excuse to get married. As the organized planner, Caitlin started researching for Puerto Rico elopement packages and hired me before there was a formal proposal. Caitlin being a proud Puerto Rican, and Sean also having Caribbean blood running through his veins, they knew they wanted this next step in their lives to happen here, in Paradise.

After hiring me, they almost succumbed to the idea of upgrading their wedding plans into a more traditional but still intimate wedding with their closest family members. After becoming anxious over their research on venues and wedding vendors, they realized that was not what their wedding day was supposed to feel like, and we all went back to their original, secret elopement plans. No biggie! 

As I told Caitlin and Sean while walking the streets of Old San Juan during their elopement day, a big wedding is not for everyone. Putting budgetary and logistics arguments aside, many couples would rather wish to start their married lives in an intimate yet special day. The sooner you realize if that's the wedding for you, the better off you'll be.

The Elopement Day

My day with Caitlin and Sean started during their getting ready part of the day at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Isla Verde, about 15 minutes from Old San Juan. Since there were no guests, both of them were getting ready in the same room. So we had a mystery dance so they wouldn't see each other until their first look session at the downstairs plaza: Sean got dressed first, while Caitlin waited in the bathroom. We did his groom's portraits, and then he left the room so that we could do the same thing for Caitlin. 

When Caitlin was ready, I went downstairs to pick up the perfect spot for her first look with Sean. They were so happy, excited, and cute! We jumped on an Uber right away. Driving to Old San Juan, we realized Caitlin had left her beautiful bouquet, so we had a quick detour to get it back. The great thing about elopements is that they give us the total flexibility of time; punctuality is not an important concept when there's no one waiting for you.

Elopement Portraits in Old San Juan - Elopement Packages

Our drop-off was by the northwest entrance of Castillo San Cristobal, where we would start our Old San Juan portrait session, walking westward until we arrived at El Morro by sunset, where Caitlin and Sean would share their vows. We walked through all of my favorite spots and the ones on Caitlin & Sean's wishlist. As we walked, we talked about life, bar exams, love, our favorite songs from the 2000s. By the time we arrived at El Morro, we were all in the perfect mood to share some intimate, beautiful vows. So I moved back and gave them space to manifest their love with each other. It was a beautiful and blessed day, and I'm so fortunate I got invited to share it with them. 



Caitlin's Review

Camille is sent from heaven!

What a blessing it was to have the opportunity to work with Camille. She is a true professional. My husband and I both felt so comfortable shooting with her - even though we both consider ourselves to be camera shy. Camille was flexible - I changed the date twice, and she was still able to work out a time for me. I left my bouquet at the hotel, which caused us to get stuck in traffic. She was calm, cool, and collected the entire time. She's so talented, I am in love with the photographs. It felt like spending time with an old friend - such a comfortable, warm environment. Such a pleasure to work with!

Puerto Rico Wedding Vendors for This Event

Wedding Photography: Weddings by Camille Fontanez
Getting Ready Venue: Embassy Suites in Isla Verde
Florist: Natalia Liriano
Make-up & Styl: D'Glamour Make-Up
Bridal Dress: ASOS



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