The Yang’s Honeymoon at El Conquistador Resort and Palomino Island

A thing I love about my job is the opportunity to meet new people and cultures. Another thing I love a lot about my job is the fact that I get to visit beautiful places in Puerto Rico. But the one I love the most is the fact that I’m trusted to capture beautiful memories for couples in love. Gengwen & Yang got married a couple of months ago, and when they planned their honeymoon trip to Puerto Rico, they hired me to have a newlywed photo session with me.

Honeymoon Portraits in Hotel El Conquistador and Palomino Island

They were staying at El Conquistador, where we spent a beautiful afternoon exploring the iconic Fajardo Resort, and closet to the sunset, we took the boat to Palomino Island. Located on the east side, Palomino is one of hundreds of keys and mini islands that comprise the Puerto Rico archipelago.

We shared a beautiful sunset at Palomino walking along the white sand beach and tropical views. Thank you for trusting me with your memories, and I wish you a long, happy, and blessed marriage. I hope to see you around Puerto Rico again!


Cami <3