Meant to be! George’s proposal to Ron in Isla Verde Beach

As the pandemic lockdowns ended across America, Puerto Rico has become a touristic hotspot for travelers and also consolidated its position as one of the best destinations for weddings worldwide. As a consequence, my schedule has been crazy booked. So when George inquired about a queer marriage proposal in Isla Verde beach, I was already at total capacity for that month.

I appreciated his inquiry but replied with a generic "Sorry, I'm all booked" email. Then, three days later, I received an email back that moved me to tears.

He has helped me become the man I am today


Thank you for your prompt response. I waited to send this email because I recognize the importance of respecting people’s schedules, and I appreciate you sharing your availability; I would be remiss however if I didn’t reach out to share more of our story in hopes of possibly finding a way to still have you be part of our engagement.

My partner and I met nearly a decade ago, our summer before attending college together. In the subsequent years we’ve been through a lot. Having met as teenagers, growing together into adulthood has required patience, resilience, and above all, a commitment to each other and love. It hasn’t always been easy, but I am grateful to have experienced life’s greatest joys with him—  his coming out journey, graduations, home ownership, and he has helped me become the man I am today.

Yesterday, I drove 3 hours from our home in to his family home to ask his family for their blessing in my proposal of marriage. I was greeted with emphatic support (some tears), and they all agreed a proposal during our family trip to the homeland would be perfect.

As a queer couple of Puerto Rican background we don’t take for granted the love and acceptance our families offer us, when the same cannot be said for many other couples in our community.

Ron has mentioned to his mother that being proposed to in Puerto Rico has been a dream of his, especially considering his family is from the island. I’m excited to spend the rest of my life making his dreams come true, and want to start now, with the proposal of his dreams in a place we, and our family, are so deeply connected to.

Again, I appreciate your booked schedule but I had to reach out one more time to see if you could spare an hour or two to take photos of the moment of our engagement on a beach in San Juan, and his family surprising us after.

I saw your website and photos, and not only do I want a Puerto Rican artist such as yourself to be a part of this moment, but one who champions inclusivity of all kinds of love.

I’ve attached some pictures to help give some context for our love and family. Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Although I love a good party, I'm a wedding photographer because I'm obviously a softie who couldn't resist such plight. So I made room in my schedule for them and their beautiful love story.


A Marriage Proposal at Isla Verde Beach

A few minutes before our appointed date, I arrived at the beach in Isla Verde, set up a towel, and sat down to enjoy the beautiful summer day. After setting up my camera, I hid it in my backpack to resume pretending I was there just to enjoy the beach.

George sent me a text a few minutes later and walked into the beach. I waited enough and then stood up to follow them. A tropical mist cloud floating above us gave us a rainbow in the sky. My heart started pounding, and I was about to lose it when a faint, second rainbow popped up right as George read a letter to Ron and went on one knee. Ron said yes!

I'm forever amazed and intrigued about relationships. I love watching them, learning from them, and celebrating them. I'm so lucky that couples allow me to peek at their love from a tiny window as part of my job. I see all sorts of mesmerizing things in them.

On what other people would see as a minimalistic, simple proposal, I saw George intentionally crafting every tiny detail to surprise his love, Ron. As a result, I watched Ron become overwhelmed and surrounded by the love and thoughtfulness of his partner.

During his "pinch me" moment, he said, "I never thought this would happen to me." A nurturing George replied with the most beautiful affirmations of why it was so obvious this would happen to them.

That tiny window surprised me with a beautiful scene I'm grateful to have witnessed and captured for them—all with a double rainbow included. ✨

After the initial excitement had passed, we walked around the beach for a quick, casual, and fun engagement session. Eventually, Ron & George's family joined us for group shots almost at the end of our time together. I said goodbye as they were surrounded by so much love and happiness, one of those moments you wish you could live in forever. 



Some portions of the email have been edited to keep personal details private.