Creating Forever Memories: Same-Sex Marriage Proposal in Piñones Beach

Welcome to enchanting Puerto Rico, where love is constantly flowing. In this new blog post for my 2023 Pride Series, I'll share the heartwarming tale of Leslie and Sara, couple whose incredible energy and pure love created a magical and unforgettable same-sex proposal at Piñones Beach in Loiza, Puerto Rico. Join me in celebrating their love and exploring the beauty of this stunning location.

Creating a Memorable LGBTQ+ Proposal in Piñones Beach

Piñones Beach is in Loiza, a lively town just 15 minutes from the Isla Verde district. The transition from bustling beaches and condos to this tropical paradise with its brown-sugar sand, verdant backdrop, and crystal-clear waters is truly remarkable. This hidden gem on the northeastern coast of Puerto Rico provides a romantic setting that's ideal for couples looking for an unforgettable proposal experience.

Choosing the Perfect Location for Your Same-Sex Proposal

Leslie had planned a laid-back surprise proposal for her partner Sara, scheduled for January 1st. Months before the proposal, Leslie sent an inquiry message, which I found quite endearing.

"Hello! I recently moved to St Thomas with my partner Sara. I bought a ring months ago because I knew she was my soulmate when I first met her, which I never really believed in until her. She came into my life extremely unexpectedly. We had been taking yoga classes together for months before we ever started talking to one another... And well, you could say she sought me out and I am so glad she did!

Both of us being Scorpios, we are very like-minded. Everything is insanely easy with her. She is the person I know without a doubt I want to wake up to every morning for the rest of my life. All that being said, I am reaching out to you for some serious proposal help, haha. 

Having just moved here to the islands a few months ago, I am unfamiliar with the areas. I am open to a proposal anywhere on the nearby islands - Puerto Rico, British Virgin Islands, wherever - I was thinking Puerto Rico could be nice. I want it to be simple and beautiful. 

I imagine just a beach proposal. Possibly near sunset? Then having us go to a dinner closely and spend the night in a nice place. Nothing too crazy. 

The actual proposal: I thought of buying a bottle like "message in a bottle." Hiding the bottle along the beach (possibly you could do that for me) and us walking upon it and her finding it... and me proposing. 

I am open to suggestions, as you have a lot of experience! I really look forward to hearing from you soon. Cheers!"

I love when prospects give me a detailed first impression on the inquiry because I can cater my recommendations from the get-go. Eventually, during our client consultation, they decided to travel to Puerto Rico during New Year's Eve, and the proposal would happen on January 1st. After giving her some surprise proposal recommendations, we settled on Piñones Beach. A few months later, she delivered a parcel with a tiny glass bottle to me, which I then took to the beach that day.

Same-Sex Surprise Marriage Proposal in Piñones Beach, Puerto Rico

The beach was bustling on New Year's Day, with locals and tourists flocking to Piñones to enjoy the sun. Many stopped by the kiosks to grab a snack for their beach day. After finding a nice spot, I set up my picnic blanket, adjusted my camera settings, and placed a small bottle by the water. I then messaged Leslie, who was grabbing a drink with Sara at a nearby kiosk.

The atmosphere was charged with excitement and joy as they walked along the shoreline. Their laughter filled the warm Caribbean breeze. Then, suddenly, Leslie spotted a bottle with a message inside. Sara picked it up just as Leslie got down on one knee. After Leslie read her letter, she gave Sara a ring, and they embraced.

From that moment on, I observed and celebrated with them, acting as a silent observer as they were too caught up in the moment to take any direction from me. My candid photography perfectly captured the pure essence of their love, ensuring that every precious moment was immortalized in photographs that would be cherished for a lifetime.

The stunning backdrop of Piñones Beach added an extra touch of magic to this heartfelt occasion. We were so excited we didn't notice the bottle had left us at some point and floated away with the current. Thankfully, a kind beachgoer found it and got it back for us.

As a same-sex couple, Leslie and Sara's proposal at Piñones Beach symbolizes the power of love and the progress made toward equality and acceptance. Puerto Rico, with its rich cultural heritage and vibrant LGBTQ+ community, has become an increasingly popular destination for same-sex weddings and proposals. True love knows no boundaries, and the Puerto Rico wedding industry works hard to remain a safe and inclusive space for all couples.



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