Erika and Adrian turned Five: Anniversary Photos by the Beach

Five years ago, on that same coastline a few minutes west, Erika and Adrian got married on a beautiful day. It was one of my milestone weddings: not only was it a great vendor team and an awesome couple, but it was also one of those times when everything goes perfectly. These kinds of events get more common with time, but five years ago I still considered myself a baby professional photographer starting to get traction, so definitely Erika and Adrian hold a special place in my heart.

So when Erika texted me she was visiting Puerto Rico again for an anniversary vacation, I was so happy!

Condado Beach Couples' Portrait Session

That afternoon, I met with Adrian by the pool area and did some catching up while Erika finished getting ready. Then she came downstairs to meet us and we went down to the beach area for our photos. Something that struck me is how young they looked, it felt like those five years only passed through me, haha!

We moved around the beach taking their portraits, trying to get a bit of everything: foliage, beach, rocks, Puerto Rican flag, and the hotel surroundings. We stood there until sunset when I went back home happy and thinking about how amazing love is, and how fortunate I am to experience and celebrate it as a part of my job description.





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