Sexy engagement photography at El Yunque Rainforest

Today I have a short feature for you with photos from a session I loved photographing for Ellen and Nick. Their sexy engagement photography at El Yunque Rainforest were so fun to capture!

Since we were doing a long-form portrait session, we wandered around some of my favorite non-waterfall trails first, as we got to know a bit about each other and stopped here and there for portraits.

Then, when the heat built up, it was a great time for photos at my favorite waterfall at the rainforest.


My engagement photography philosophy: energy and authenticity

I wanted to showcase their photos because they feel so inherently sexy. That isn't my doing, but theirs. That's what I'd like to talk about today: I work with the energy you bring into the session.

During our portrait sessions, I will try to create an ambiance where you can connect with each other, not with the camera, so you can break out of the shell and be your true selves with each other.

Some tips that will help your engagement photos feel more authentic:

  • Choose a location that matches your identity as a couple. If you're not into hiking, don't choose an adventure location, for example.
  • Select outfits that are a coordinated version of looks you'd wear on a regular date. Something that you see yourself using a million times.
  • You're not posing, you're spending quality time together. During your engagement photography, you can talk, joke, play, and tease each other as you normally would, but please avoid posing or telling the other person how to pose/stand/act. I will let you know if I need something different from you: don't break the connection with each other!

Affection, body language, spontaneity, and love aren't things I can pose or create for you: they have to be there for me to capture them. I'm all about preserving the energy and keeping you guys connected and in a good mood.

I will suggest actions or locations for you to stand based on the technical photography aspects, but your love and language will fill your images with soul.

When I see the magic happening, I take a step back and photograph the fireworks, just like Ellen & Nick's engagement photoshoot in the rainforest.