Tips from an Expert: What to Wear to my Puerto Rico photo session?

What to wear to a photoshoot?

Welcome to the exciting preparation phase for your upcoming photo session in the beautiful landscapes of Puerto Rico! On a recent Q&A on my Instagram stories, a client asked me what they should wear for an engagement session. Right there, I wondered why I never did a blog post on it, even as I often get asked about the best outfit choices for photo shoots.

Whether it's a family photoshoot, engagement session, anniversary, or vacation photos in Puerto Rico, your outfit plays a crucial role in capturing those perfect moments. So, let's dive into some enhanced styling tips for your photo session and answer the question on everybody's minds: what to wear to a photoshoot in Puerto Rico?

candid family portrait session in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico by Camille Fontanez

Before we start, I want to mention three big principles of dressing up for an outdoor portrait session in Puerto Rico.


All of my portrait sessions are outdoors. In Puerto Rico, this means high humidity and year-round temperatures close to the 90°F/32°C.

Choose breathable fabrics that do not stain with sweat, and wear an undershirt under your button-down shirt if you're prone to sweating.

A great tip is spraying water on your clothes and checking if it shows a stain. If it does, you might need to reconsider.


You will move a lot. 

If you're doing a family, group or couples session, there will probably be human contact, hugging, and touching. Even if you're doing a solo portrait session, you will walk, sit and move around a lot for different takes.

Choose an outfit that fits perfectly, does not ride up or down, and that you don't need to be continually adjusting.

Don't wear any brand new items without trying them on for a full day first. Especially if it's a style that you're not used to wearing. And talking about that...


Wear something true to you & your body

When you're selecting your photoshoot wardrobe, ask yourself: "Would I wear that outfit again in a different setting?" If not, you might feel awkward or self-conscious during your photo session, which can be a challenge for your photographer.

If you like to dress up, do it! If you're casual, then by all means, wear something casual.

Authenticity in your portraits will start by what you bring into the portrait session. When you're always thinking about how you look, you can't put yourself at ease and won't enjoy the creative process of the photo session.

 Set yourself up for success by wearing something that feels natural to you.


Tips on What to Wear to your photoshoot

  1. Adapt to the Puerto Rican Palette: Our island offers a rich array of backdrops. From the colorful streets of Old San Juan to the serene beaches and lush rainforests, consider these vibrant settings when choosing your outfits.

    Earthy tones and soft pastels beautifully complement natural settings, while bolder hues can create a striking contrast in urban areas.

    If you're shooting on a well-lit, bright location, you can use darker shades for contrast. On the contrary, you should avoid darker colors in the rainforest or you will fade out completely.

  2. Embrace Layering: Layers aren't just for colder climates, however, if you wear a jacket during your outdoor portraits, you will regret it.

    A light, overshirt, a linen scarf, or a trendy hat not only adds to your outfit but can be practical under the Puerto Rican sun. This approach also offers quick and easy style changes.


  3. Accessorize Wisely: Choose accessories that make a statement but don't overwhelm. A unique bracelet or a pair of funky sunglasses can elevate your look. Remember, the goal is to enhance, not overshadow.


  4. Functional Footwear: Comfortable shoes are a must, especially in areas like Old San Juan where walking is part of the experience. However, don't sacrifice style! For beach shoots, consider going barefoot for a natural, elegant feel.
  5. Climate-Friendly Fabrics: Opt for breathable fabrics like linen and cotton. They're not only comfortable in our tropical climate but also photograph beautifully, enhancing the relaxed ambiance of the island.
  6. Group Color Coordination: If you're part of a group session, coordinating colors can create a visually harmonious look. Choose a color scheme and allow each person to pick an outfit within that palette for a cohesive yet individual style.
  7. Balance Patterns and Textures: Patterns and textures add depth to photos. If one person opts for a bold pattern, others might consider solid colors. It's all about creating a balanced, pleasing visual composition.
  8. Dress Rehearsal: Try wearing your chosen outfit before the session to ensure it's not only stylish but also comfortable and practical for a variety of poses and movements.
    Also, feel free to send me pictures of your outfits, I'd be happy to review them!
  9. Consult a Stylist: If you're unsure about your outfit choices, consider consulting a professional stylist. They can provide valuable insights, especially for special occasions like engagements or anniversaries.
  10. Have a Backup Plan: Accidents happen! Bring an extra outfit just in case. It's always better to be prepared for those unexpected moments.

Remember, the key to a successful photo session is feeling confident and comfortable in your outfit. Let your personal style shine, and don't be afraid to express yourself. Your authenticity will translate into beautiful, natural photographs that you'll cherish forever.

I hope these tips help you prepare for an amazing photo session in Puerto Rico!




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