Loveliest Marriage Proposal Ever at St Regis Bahia Beach Resort

What Ana Knew

Ana, Seth, and their little girls were spending a special summer getaway at beautiful Puerto Rico, where Ana is from, and also the perfect beach destination. Seth told her he had hired "someone through the hotel" to take some family photos of them to remember this moment. She didn't necessarily love the idea since she's a little camera-shy, but she said yes at the prospect of having the memories from their family vacations in Puerto Rico.

Seth's Plan

After googling for St Regis Puerto Rico proposal photos, Seth stumbled upon my blog on Patrick and Neil's surprise proposal and contacted me. He was pretty anxious about how he would go about proposing, and how to plan the moment for me to be there without her becoming suspicious. Since he was staying at St Regis Bahia Beach, which is a beautiful resort, we didn't need to find a proposal location, which made the planning process easier.

We ended up planning a fake family portrait session, where I would meet them at the resort, take a few photos and then I would cue a particular pose that would trigger Seth to go down on one knee and propose to Ana.

What Happened: Family Photos with a Surprise Marriage Proposal at St Regis Puerto Rico Bahia Beach Resort

The day finally arrived and I got to the resort early to walk around, since it was my first time there ever since Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, and I wanted to see the changes, if any, at the Resort. Not to my surprise, I found it as beautiful as ever. By the time Seth and the gang arrived, the day was getting a little cloudy and very windy. I could see how he started to feel anxious. I proceeded to break the ice with lots of family photos, and instead of a fake family portrait session, we ended up doing a full one, before Seth accumulated the confidence to finally ask the big question.

There are no words I can use to describe everyone's reaction to his proposal, both in Ana and the girls. It was such a heartwarming, genuine moment. After she said yes, they twirled in a big, euphoric embrace while the girls ran around them in excitement. I loved learning that the girls knew about the proposal all along, and they kept their secret very well!

Then, in quite a spontaneous, spur-of-the-moment thing they ran to the ocean and dove right in. This gave me amazing portraits but meant that they had to run to their suite and shower, because another surprise for Ana, is that Seth had her Puertorican side of the family coming over for an engagement dinner in less than an hour. I lingered for a while, so I could take a big family portrait before I left.

I loved this set, hope you do too! Congrats to the newly-engaged, happy wedding planning!