A Trash the Dress Session at Borinquen Beach

When Jackie and I first started e-mailing each other about their wedding plans, they still haven't chosen a wedding venue in Puerto Rico (afterward they chose the gorgeous Antiguo Casino de Puerto Rico). However, one thing her-then-fianceé Chris and she already knew is that they wanted to have their honeymoon/trash-the-dress photo session in Borinquen Beach, Aguadilla.

Two days after their amazingly gorgeous wedding, still a bit sore from their event, I drove to Aguadilla for another fun afternoon with them. Over there, I met with Nelson De Freitas from NDF Films, who was joining us for the shoot. It was super interesting to have this team experience; never before I had shot a session alongside a video team. We explored the Aguadilla Ruins for a bit, and then we walked down to the beach.

One thing I love about newlywed photo sessions is the fact that clients are much more relaxed, happy, and sexy! Since all the wedding stress is now gone, their only worry during the photoshoot is to enjoy it! We stayed a bit longer after Nelson and his team left, because I really wanted to get some intimacy between them, and also because I wanted to wait til the very end of sunset. It was SO worth it! The sky turned pink and purple, we played in the sand and near enough to the water to get soaked up to the knees, and we saw a bale of turtles hanging out in the waves right near the end of the session. It was a perfect afternoon and I'm a happy photographer because of it!

Hope you enjoy this set.





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