Veronica & Jay’s Lovely Wedding Day at Old San Juan

Hey there! We have a happy wedding feature over here today, with Veronica and Jay's day in Old San Juan. Theirs happened a week after Katie and Matt's wedding at precisely the same venue and timeline, so when my day started, I got that weird deja vu feeling. Of course, this is the perfect example of how no two events are the same, as the guestlist composition and the couple makes each wedding unique.

Wedding Ceremony at Hotel El Convento

My photography shift for Verónica and Jay's day started at their ceremony in Patio del Níspero, which is the interior garden terrace at Hotel El Convento. Usually the other way around, I got acquainted with the groom and the guests before I did with the bride. I remembered when I would arrive at a wedding when I first started 300 weddings ago; I was shy, making it difficult for me to introduce myself. Those shy days are long gone, so I introduced myself to a guest who helped me get acquainted with everyone.

Eventually, the ceremony started, Veronica walked down the aisle, and we were all swooning at the -figurative- fireworks happening in front of us. Verónica and Jay had a beautiful, meaningful, personalized ceremony. After the celebration, and since it was a small guest list, I sneaked into the reception area for decor photos before we went away to the newlywed session. The decor was effortless, with accents of greenery and yellow.

Newlywed Portrait Session at Old San Juan

Hotel El Convento is in an excellent location for portraits around the block, so we went for a quick walk around some of my favorite spots. Verónica and Jay killed their photoshoot, and after our scenic Old San Juan tour, we went into the ballroom, where we did wedding party and family portraits.

They had a mixed wedding party, which means there were not just bridesmaids and groomsmen. As our new generations are challenging gender roles or stereotypes, mixed wedding parties are a growing trend. After a few iterations, we settled with bridespeople and groomsfolk as their gender-neutral names.

After the group portraits, the reception started in an open protocol, with first dances, some beautiful words, and it went straight to dancing the night away.

Enjoy this sweet set!



Puerto Rico Wedding Vendors for This Event

Wedding Photography: Weddings by Camille Fontanez
Wedding Venue: El Convento Hotel
Bridal Hair and Make-up: Alex Ortiz



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